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TTMT #253 – jewells68 – January 10, 2018 – Clearly Too Tired to be Concise

Making a video today before I end up skipping this week altogether. Stuff is done, other stuff is not done. More News at 11.


10 thoughts on “TTMT #253 – jewells68 – January 10, 2018 – Clearly Too Tired to be Concise

  1. Signature block quilt is looking good. The progress board also looks good. I know how annoying the curling pages can be; I’m using post-it notes on mine and they do curl up, but I’m just trying to ignore it.

    I’m glad you got your turtle quilt done and that it is finding a new home in CA. It is so cute. I say “finished is better than perfect” on a regular basis; and I truly believe that for things for me or things I give away. As long as I know they were made with love, I’m fine with it. However, if I were charging for it, I would probably be more of a perfectionist.


    1. The pages are fine, it’s the labels I put on there to cover up the old name of the square. I think I’ll prob just make a new board.
      I normally wouldn’t give a gift to someone if I had to do a repair on it, but it’s a baby and it’s meant to be used and the patch should make it totally fine so I just had to bite the bullet and not make him a new quilt, which is what I was tempted to do, but no time now.

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  2. I’m enjoying seeing and hearing about everyone’s project boards. For some reason it feels so “professional” to me lol. If need to a new piece of poster board but just can’t seem to make it to the store what about using the back side of some wrapping paper. It’s not sturdy like poster board but you the rest of the easel thing for sturdiness? Or brown craft paper? I’m always having to change things up because I don’t like to go into stores anymore.


    1. It’s not the cost, I just got this posterboard for free from work and will try to find another one lying around. Sometimes we have stuff like that from a print job that one poster comes out blank, so I tend to keep the blank ones when that happens so I can use it for something because I am a scavenger, lol. However, I’m totally out of them at the moment. One side of the cardboard easel is actually a dry erase board, I may just get some dry erase markers and start using that side.


  3. I’m loving the way the signature quilt blocks look. Those fabrics are gorgeous. You know, I’d leave the empty blocks empty and spread them out if possible. I don’t think it’ll take away from the design at all.

    Try warming the freezer paper with your iron before peeling it off. That should help the thread pulling. Of course, I’m commenting REALLY late, so you could well be done by now, oops!

    I ended up having to tape some stuff down on my To Do project board. The poster itself looks terrible. I’ll probably replace it next year. Or not. Maybe I’ll just turn it over, lol!

    Oh, I love that you made different categories on your board for Linus. I have a separate sheet that I keep track of my Linus on. I may end up just using it this year.

    Can’t wait to see what you accomplish. ♥


    1. Yeah, I’m already done pulling the paper off. I’ll just check when piecing the top that everything goes together wwell. I might have to stitch here and there before piecing if one or two are bad. I’ve given up trying to have it done by the concert. There’s just no way. I don’t have the top pieced yet. If I can get the rest of the signatures tomorrow night at tech rehearsal then I will only have 6 or 7 empty blocks, but people all picked the same colors to write on, so I don’t want all the blank ones the same color. I seem to mostly have blank blue and yellow blocks for some reason. I may leave one a few blank but I think I may just write a word on each blank one, like “LOVE” “PEACE” etc.

      It’s the darn labels that are peeling off, the ones I used to cover the old category titles. I may just tape them on for now.


  4. The Signature quilt blocks look really good… the colours in that line are really great, aren’t they? How do you like the quality of the Boundless fabrics? I have some somewhere in my craft room but haven’t really looked at it.. that’s always the thing I wonder about when a new line of fabrics comes around 😀 (And I’ve heard mixed – mostly bad – things about Lily and Loom, which is the other line Craftsy recently started selling. Though I think they brought that in as a cheaper option, in line with Joanne’s stuff, rather than it being their line specifically.)

    I think it might be a nice idea to add in some extra words like you mentioned above to Jennifer, or quotes like you talked about in the video. I also thought about embroidering a few bits and pieces in, but that would probably take more time than you want to take right now.


    1. I’m happy with the fabric in and of itself. The strips were not quite 2.5″ so my blocks came out a wee bit smaller than they should.So they need to be more consistent with their strip cutting, but I love the weight and feel of the boundless botanicals fabric, The solid white is good as well. I believe it’s called marshmallow. I would love to try some yardage.

      I did consider embroidering a bit here and there. I haven’t pieced the top yet so I still could… but probably won’t, lol. My carpel tunnel has been acting up and my fingers keep going numb.


  5. Too bad about the carpal tunnel… that puts a real damper on so many things!

    Embroidery is nice when you’ve got time and inclination (and no pain!), but there’s also the trouble of how to quilt around it, which is a thing I’m going to have to tackle soon and don’t really want to have to figure out.


    1. In this case I’m not planning to embroider in the white rectangles anyway. so embroidery would probably work out ok. However, in the interest of time and my numb fingers, if I do add anything it will likely be with markers. Especially since the rest are in markers. I worry about the quilts that have a lot of embroidery, too. I agonized a bit over my PoD. but at least it was just book titles. But the Dr Who quilt! I haven’t resumed work on that and am wondering if I might not do it as embroidery but maybe paint or markers again. I was so relieved when Jennifer offered to quilt my Xfiles quilt, because it was almost all embroidery. Of course, now it sits in a bag inside another bag with mothballs. I really need to make a place for it on the wall. Maybe I’ll take it to my office where it can take turns hanging where my PoD is now.


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