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hey guys

just a heads up , if my comments seem strange I have noticed that some have been attached to the wrong video , I don`t know how that occurred but if it doesn’t make any sense it probably is int for you , so sorry xx


5 thoughts on “Comments

  1. It happens because of the continuous scroll on this website… if you go forward and then hit the back button, somehow it starts moving videos around.. so Video #13 gets dropped into Post #12 and Video #12 gets slotted into Post #11 (or the opposite.. I’m not sure which way it goes exactly). It’s kind of annoying! I’ve started opening separate tabs for each video so that I don’t get them confused!

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  2. I’m still new so I thought the only way to comment was to open that person’s post… WordPress is kinda foreign and I’ve not taken enough time to get very familiar – yet another thing to add to my TO-DO LIST!


    1. It is.. you’re not wrong about WordPress! (Or rather, if you click on the comments button, to leave a comment or just to read the comments, it takes you to the actual post.)

      What’s happening to Vicky is an annoying quirk of the continuous scroll – when you click forward to leave a comment, and then click back to get back to wherever you were in the continuous scroll, it somehow gets confused and the videos from one post get (temporarily) put into the wrong post. So you could be looking at a post made by Vicky, but the video that was posted previously by Jennifer gets “implanted” in the post by Vicky. (And meanwhile in Jennifer’s post, the previous video, posted by Rainey, for example, gets posted into Jennifer’s post. And the video from Aalia is suddenly hanging out in Rainey’s post. And Jewell’s video has moved into Aalia’s post.) So if you just click to add a comment, having just watched Jennifer’s video, you might actually be commenting to Vicky. (Or whoever happens to be in the string of posts.)

      Anyway tl;dr. The short version of this is that I’ve started opening each post into it’s own tab BEFORE I watch the video, that way I’m reasonably sure I’m commenting to the right person 😀

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  3. I like to open a separate tab for each video I watch too. Mostly so I can comment as the video is playing and I don’t forget anything 😉


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