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TTMT 1-10-18

By the way, we ended up in a local motel Monday night – most expensive but best bath I’ve ever had!  When we got home yesterday afternoon, we had water.  Luckily no pipes burst during the freeze!

10 thoughts on “TTMT 1-10-18

  1. Up and down is really what the last week has been, hasn’t it?!

    Oh, thank you for sharing photos of your new grandbaby. I’m so happy for you all. What a saga!

    Yay for moving right along with your projects. I’ve added to my “Pending Projects” but haven’t moved anything yet. I need to get on that!


  2. Yaaaaaaaaay! Welcome Flash! I assume that’s not going to be his name anymore, but it’s cute. 🙂 Poor Vanessa, having to go through all of that, but what a beautiful result.


    1. I believe Flash is staying with him; we all got used to calling him that when we didn’t know his name. By the way, his dad was wearing a Flash t-shirt when he was born! Vanessa was remarkably strong and she has been healing nicely. It’s just a shame that she had to spend her 40th birthday in the hospital in a lot of pain and he waited until the next day to make his appearance.


  3. Yay for little Flash. No Nanna should ever apologize for more photos! I need make a project board. I realize while laying in bed last I a have more on To do List than I remember, oops 😬

    Glad you pipes didn’t burst and that they are flowing again!


  4. Obnoxious Nana. I like It. Grandparents are supposed to brag and show lots of pictures. You’ve earned It.

    You’re moving right along with your progress. I like how colorful your progress board is.


  5. Wow , what a week , but hey for all the upset you have a brand new Grandson that you get to spoil rotten and hug and squish.

    congratulation to you all again, I am sure that this next year is going to be so exciting for you all.

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  6. Congrats on Garrick aka Flash. What a birth saga but he is here and that’s what counts! Spoil that baby, Grandma!

    There is no such thing as a perfect quilt. I keep telling myself that. I hated having to patch Baby Sawyer’s quilt but I made it specifically for him and the seaturtles are so perfect now that they are living in San Francisco. I just have to remind myself that finished is better than perfect.

    So glad you have water again and that everyone in the Pepper clan survived the coming of the Flash. 🙂

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  7. Yay for Flash being born! Glad to hear Vanessa and Flash are doing well… that must have been a stressful, exhausting few days. Great photos!

    The fabrics for your new PoD look great!


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