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TTMT#3 Birthday Dress Disaster – Project Purgatory

Still a few wonky editing moments I’m afraid, but progress is being made! Also still working on finding a format I like, hence adding in the project time estimate. Although I forgot to mention it in the video, this kind of “Frankenpatterning” – using bits and pieces from different patterns that I like – is a thing I do pretty frequently.


12 thoughts on “TTMT#3 Birthday Dress Disaster – Project Purgatory

  1. Having not seen it in real life, I have to say, the dress looks great. It even twirls!

    Can you tack the cuffs, maybe? I know that’s not the original intent, but it might help. Maybe?

    I know you’re not feeling the love, but I wonder if you waited a little while if it would grow on you. Honestly, it looks great in the video! I really like the lace additions. They are very you!

    It pleases me that I actually know Silly Sarah and I regularly get live performances. 😛


  2. I will admit it looks much better when worn with a petticoat, but then what doesn’t?

    I might be able to tack the cuffs up to the sleeves, yes… I’ll hang onto the dress for a bit, and maybe bring it by so you can see it in person, but I don’t want to waste anymore time on it if I’m not keeping it to happily wear.

    I definitely plan to work more with lace in the future…although maybe not by combining a super stretchy lace with a non-stretch backing fabric. That was…eventful.

    There were so few decent Silly Sarah moments to choose from this time! >_< Hopefully there will be more in the future. I like having those at the end.


    1. Thank you! It could have turned out much worse…I just don’t love it for some reason. *shrugs* Garment sewing can be tricksy…but that’s part of what I enjoy about it. There’s always something that’s going to challenge your skills or encourage you to learn new techniques.

      Also just realized that I hilariously miscalculated my total construction time for this. I guess that’s what I get for editing while half asleep!


  3. I think the dress is very cute and it looks really good on you. But one of the reasons I don’t make garments any more is because I get really upset when I spend a lot of time making something and then just don’t like it.

    I am so glad you are sharing your adorableness with us. You are so entertaining and, as much as I love seeing quilts, I really enjoy seeing other crafts as well.


    1. As long as I learned something or got to try out a new technique it doesn’t bother me too much when a project goes sideways.

      Teehee! Thank you! ^_^ I quite like making videos and thankfully doing so seems to be motivating me to actually get stuff done.


  4. Hello

    I totally love the term Project Purgatory , i many steal it in the future .

    I also find, when I make Clothing, that my love for the item depends on how much stress it caused me. I agree with Jennifer , stick it in the back of your wardrobe and wait a while before you give it away, also tack the cuffs.

    I love that we have a member who makes clothing to , I love how you can hack a pattern and change it up. that something i want to work on this year as well as my fitting skills.

    Love you video style and the out takes , welcome to the community I think your gonna love it here.


  5. Thank you! Feel free to swipe the term project purgatory for your own use…It came about because I have a bit of a thing for alliteration.

    This was definitely a higher stress project seeing as I’d already bungled it once. >_< I'll hang onto it for a bit. I think it mostly just irks me that I can't put my finger on WHY I despise the thought of wearing it. It fits well. The construction, with the exception of the facing and cuffs, is solid. *shrugs* I may never figure it out.

    Heh, the pattern hacking came about because I was under the impression when I first began sewing that actually drafting patterns was super difficult. I'm still learning how to draft and often use ready made patterns as a guide, but it's not nearly as scary as I first thought.

    I'm pretty fond of my copy of Fitting Finesse by Nancy Zieman if you're looking for some resources. It has a section on pivoting and sliding pattern pieces to draft a new pattern with adjustments rather than the more common slice and spread method which destroys the original pattern. I feel like there's another book that goes into this in more depth…but I can't think of it off the top of my head.


  6. I was going to suggest some sort of decorative tacking of the cuffs as well. Vintage buttons, or cufflinks or even frogs across the cuff opening.Another though I had was some decorative topstitching or even embroidery on the neck facing.

    It fits you well. This sort of thing is why I stopped making clothes, although I do like taking thrifted clothes and hacking them into other things, to an extent.

    That being said, like everyone else said, put it away for a while and then revisit it. If you still think you’;ll never wear it, don’t think of it as time and effort (and materials) you’ve thrown away. Think of it as a beautiful gift you are giving to someone who loves this same vintage style but doesn’t have sewing skills.


  7. There are just so many ways clothes making can go a little wrong, aren’t there? Or at least it always seems that way to me,.. if you want it to fit right and move and lay in just the way you want it to. Of course, there’s a reason I don’t sew anything besides quilts 😀 Too hard!

    Anyway, I think you should sort of sit on it for a while and then come back to it and see if you can’t smooth out any of the bits that don’t quite work for you and if you can’t… pass it along for someone else to love. The style of it will appeal completely to someone out there!


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