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TTMT#25-Baby it’s cold outside~


7 thoughts on “TTMT#25-Baby it’s cold outside~

  1. Great birthday present for your friend!

    I’ve got my swap blocks almost done but not quite.

    The All-Stacked Up quilt is going to be beautiful. Such gorgeous bright colors.

    YAY for the good results on the raffle quilt.

    Boo for the frigid weather! I’m ready for “toes in the sand” weather!!!

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  2. The PoD signature block is so fun, that’s just great!

    How wonderful to get to experience Harry Potter for the first time! And how generous of you to share a PoD quilt with your friend!

    I think about half of our swappers have already finished their blocks. I’m going to take that as a good sign!

    You’ve got some really fun quilts in your future. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming!

    Oh, great fundraiser, congratulations!

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  3. A Harry Potter newbie How exciting! As usual you have some stunning quilts behind you.

    When I used to participate in several year long swaps I always kept a basket in my craft room. As I finished a block I would put it in an envelope and address it but not stamp or seal the flap. Where the stamp goes I would pencil in the date I needed to mail the envelope. Then I would file them in the basket upright like a filing cabinet. Each week I would check to see what envelopes needed to be mailed and then I would mail them off. I used to join lots of swaps lol


  4. Wow you did have a productive cold spell. I am glad we haven’t been that cold this winter, even at our high altitudes.I’m glad your auction quilt raised a lot of money.

    The Swap blocks look lovely. I have not even started yet, guess I better get a move on those so I’m ready top mail at least the first one.


  5. I love the signature blocks such a good idea.

    You said exactly what I wanted to say to snowie and the community , only mine came out all confused and not as eloquent. Thank you.



  6. Those HP blocks look really great! What a sweet idea to give the finished quilt to your friend.

    I think there’s been a lot of log cabin sewing going on. I also did all my blocks… and then didn’t like some things about them, so I made a quilt with my first batch and am working on new ones for all of you 😀

    That’s awesome about the quilt you donated. That really did well!


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