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TTMT #454 – Forward & Back

It’s another week and another video. As promised, a recap of my 2017 patterns. Oh, and I forgot my intro music. Oops!



7 thoughts on “TTMT #454 – Forward & Back

  1. Amazing how many 2017 designs you had. And the mitten pattern is so cute!

    The Rainbow Cascade quilt is growing! It is beautiful.

    I’m looking forward to the Land Before Time QAL and the PoD QAL too. I really need to clean and organize my sewing room so I won’t get overwhelmed.


    1. Adding Free Pattern Friday has really changed my productivity level!

      I’m really enjoying Rainbow Cascade now. I had a few weeks where it felt more like work than anything else, but I think it was just that there was so much other stuff going on.

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  2. Rainbow cascade is so big and beautiful! I plan to get back to mine once a get a few more things done this month. Must get started on those swap blocks! Seems like this month is full of time sensitive things so hopefully I can get back to some “for me” sewing in Feb.

    The mittens are so adorable. I can easily visualize an entire quilt with each block having different color mittens on the same background.

    You have had a productive year, I’m glad you put that together. It’s really impressive seeing one after the other like that. I hope it made you pleasantly surprised at the realization of all you accomplished in 2017.


    1. Time-sensitive is a good way to put it. I managed to pull fabric for the swap and other blocks yesterday, and I even got some pre-cut. That was it though!

      Oh, a quilt of all mittens, I like it!

      2017 felt so long, it really didn’t seem like I’d gotten anything done. It keeps surprising me that Labyrinth was last year. It seems like it was YEARS ago!


  3. I am so amazed , impressed and in awe of the amount of patterns you managed to get out last year. I need the firs pattern, its on my list for the latter half of the year as my Christmas project.

    Rainbow cascade is also on my list , not sure when though.

    I feel a total lack of achievement for 2017, what with moving house and all things changing I didn’t get alot done and have so much I want to achieve this year.



  4. The Rainbow cascade continues to look fantastic. (Also, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but every time I type the word rainbow, I ALWAYS type ‘rainbox’ instead. So I kind of think of all rainbow patterns as rainboxes. Which is not a thing, but still.)

    Super cute mitten block!

    It’s really neat seeing all your patterns at the end… so many! It’s definitely more all like this than it feels when you just think back over a year. Also… still love my Narwhal block the best 😀 I need to find more of the back ground fabric I used (it’s a grunge print, but I don’t know which one.. I’ll have to take it to a shop with me I think) because I want to make a second one and make myself a mini.

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