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TTMT #25 Wait! There’s More

Last week I made my daughter her Momma made hoodie.  I knew I would not have it in my hands for filming this week so I made a quick little video before she picked up her new hoodie. As soon as it was finished she was stopping by because she couldn’t wait. Then I forgot about the video lol. I was planning on adding it to the end of my “live” weekly video but I didn’t remember until I had already edited and uploaded my TTMT video. So this week I have a “bonus” video.


My weekly video:


Bonus video for Mandy’s hoodie:


7 thoughts on “TTMT #25 Wait! There’s More

  1. Pretty pretty butterfly quilt. I understand about new year, fresh start.

    Your daughter’s hoodie is very cute – I love the gray and red. And the little red tabs at the zipper top are not an “oops”; they are a design choice! Actually, I think they look good.

    Happy New Year!

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  2. Well done on that hoodie. I watched the hoodie video first. I want to try that idea of taking a sweatshirt and just sewing the zipper to the inside and then just slitting it up the front to reveal the zipper. Maybe a trip to the thrift store is in order.

    Butterfly quilt is so cute! I like how we are all finding new ways to organize our ufos and stay on top of our projects.

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  3. Thanks Jewells! I say go for it! If it doesn’t work you’re only out the cost of a thrift store hoodie and a zipper which you could probably find at the thrift store also. Then if it works out the way you like but you don’t care for the hoodie you could always quilt some fabric onto the hoodie itself and bring back that old craze. A hoodie with Harry Potter fabric on it would look amazing.


  4. The kitty cat hat is pretty cute.. it does look pretty big, but hopefully it fits well!

    I dont know why they make so many wallets with those gaps at the end of the change pocket. I’ve had more than one wallet with the same issue.

    Very cute butterfly top. Great colours.

    The hoodie looks really great – bet your daughter loves it!


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