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TTMT #1 Why Hello There!


My name is Jennifer R from North Carolina. A total noob on the vlogging front, but I will give it a good try. I added photos at the of the things I talked at the end of the video. I am looking forward to getting to know every one.

A Have Great Day!


13 thoughts on “TTMT #1 Why Hello There!

  1. Hi neighbor. So glad to see you here.

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of the heart quilt. I really want that pattern when it becomes available. Do you have an etsy shop or sell on another shop?

    I am delighted to be able to follow you here and on FB. We still need to meet face-to-face, maybe once cookie season is over? I would relieve you of some of your cookies, but it would be like a recovering alcoholic having one little drink. I’m afraid it would set me off into a sugar frenzy.


    1. Yes, We still need to meet! My fall just about killed me, but things are definitely better. I will try to find time before the end cookie season! Believe me, I’ll need the break. Thankfully, it should be my last year doing it. It is complete craziness like nothing I’ve ever done before.

      The pattern is available now on my Craftsy page. You can look up either Playful Piecing or
      Heart Ribbon of the link below doesn’t work.

      I am super happy with it. It is a combination of paper Piecing and traditional Piecing. I sort had crazy creative December and design quiet a few quilts with ribbon theme.

      Look forward to seeing more Flash pictures from you!!!


  2. Woo, welcome, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! I swear the NC contingency is growing every day. Y’all need to have your own meetup group!

    2009. Whew, girl, we go way back, don’t we?!

    I do love your heart ribbon quilt design. It is even prettier getting to see it to scale.

    Loved the photos and videos at the end. So fun!

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    1. Yes Its sooooo way back! I am giggle when see was a difficult task I picked for my first attempt at PP, but I so glad I did. I am glad I finally took the ttmt plunge.
      I am sure a NC get together will happen at some point. We need a sewing weekend or something. Thanks for the share 🙂


  3. Hi Jennifer! I’m a newbie too. Everyone has been so supportive. Love your heart quilt top. I used to be the GS cookie mom for my daughter’s troop…I feel your pain. 🙂
    Hang in there!

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  4. Welcome! The heart quilt behind you is just stunning. What HQ setup do you have? I am looking at HQ for maybe a couple of years from now and would love to know about one firsthand from someone using one.


  5. Thank You

    I have the Avante on 12 ft Studio 2 Frame. I have only recently acquired it in November. I upgraded from BabyLock Tiara. I am really loving it. I have done 4 quilts on if so far. I can’t complain. Any issue I have encounter have been me learning how to quilt standing vs sitting.

    I was in a class recently and used the new Amara. I would say it’s super nice but feels a lot heavier compared to Avante.


  6. Welcome! I love that heart quilt … great pattern! (And I’m a cold dark mean hater of all things pretty and pink and heart themed. It really is great.)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you work on this year!


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