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TTMT#2 New Year’s Dress 2018


Sorry about the shoddy editing. I’d intended to do something a bit different with this video…including showing some of my actual sewing…but I was having issues with my software and storage space. Well, now I know better!


10 thoughts on “TTMT#2 New Year’s Dress 2018

  1. That dress looks great on you. And I love pockets!!! I’ve never thought of making a dress out of a sheet, but I wish I had before my son’s wedding. The fabric I used was slippery and hard to work with. After that dress, I vowed never to sew my own clothes again.

    You are so much fun to watch – especially the bloopers.


    1. I absolutely love using sheets instead of yardage! They’re usually much less expensive and I find that something about them, maybe the tight weave, makes them less prone to wrinkling.

      I wouldn’t let one, or even several, projects that turned out disappointingly stop you if making clothes is something that really interests you. I made several completely unwearable garments when I was just starting to sew, including the infamous 50lb dress which had me avoiding gathered waistlines for nearly a decade!


  2. You did a great job with the edit! I didn’t realize you’d recorded as you went along. Even without the sewing bits in, it was fun to watch. I, of course, already realized the dress was gorgeous. 😁

    And of course there was twirling!


    1. Yeah…I couldn’t get the sewing footage to even load into Movie Maker. Maybe the file was too big? It’s okay, the footage was pretty rubbish anyway. *twirls off into the future*


    1. I actually like the pockets so much that I’ve kept that pattern piece out to duplicate. I’m hoping to find ways to incorporate it into all new full skirted things that I make in the future!


  3. Great video and ever greater dress! I love the pattern. My mom has many pictures in that style. And if you had never said it, I would never have guessed that you used a bed sheet! …and the pockets – SUPER BONUS!!!


    1. Using sheets is a less expensive alternative to yardage…especially when you consider the massive amount of fabric needed for most floofy designs! Sheets also rank higher in terms of wearability than the quilting cotton (I know I know, poor choice) that I used to make clothing with. I strive to incorporate pockets whenever I can. Menswear should not have a monopoly on functional pockets.

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    1. There will be many more sheet dresses to come! Tis now one of my most scoured areas in thrift stores…but I think even a new sheet would probably be cheaper than yardage.


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