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TTMT Now with extra coughing

Dont turn it up to loud as a few times I cough loudly, sorry guys xxxxx P.S Happy new year to you all.

The thumbnail is awful , no idea how to change that sorry xx

6 thoughts on “TTMT Now with extra coughing

  1. Oh, you poor dear, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! I heard on the news this morning that the flu shot here only covered about 10% of the virus going around. There are loads of people in our area out with flu.

    Your little ones being up so early certainly brings back memories. It’s rotten when you’re down and sick and can’t enjoy yourself properly.

    I am so happy to hear you found a way to make Craftsy work for you. It is such a great platform. I really like the Machinger gloves for FMQ. I wore my first pair entirely out. 🙂

    Yay for your little one getting the crafty bug. That’s so fun!


  2. Bless your heart, there’s no good time to be sick, but during the holidays has to be the worst. The flu’s making the rounds here too. I had to chuckle at “ridiculous o’clock” though. Hope you feel better soon.

    I’m about to do the same thing with Craftsy, doing the membership thing and dropping Netflix, which has gotten like a DVD bargain bin in a big box store.

    You should have a very, very late package coming to you in the very near future.


  3. All the trimmings doesn’t sound so bad for a meal… though I tend to like all the sides better than the turkey. (Ours was done about an hour and a half earlier than the internet told me it should be. I was expecting it to take less time than the estimate, but it took so much less time than I was expecting that it just sat and dried out while we finished the potatoes and vegetables.) Anyway, it’s too bad you were so sick as well… just magnifies the difficulty of getting anything done.

    I use the cut off fingers on my gloves too. I find it pretty helpful. It only works with gloves that have grips on places other than the fingertips. (Machingers mostly has finger grips. I don’t like those ones much, though I see Jennifer likes them, so obviously it depends on what works best for you! The Fons and Porter ones, which is the brand that Christina Camelli uses with the cut off finger tips, have grip dots around the whole hand. And they’re generally less pricey.)

    I was looking at that subscription too because I find the classes generally too expensive (I only buy them when they’re on the cheapest discount – $19 US, which they convert to $20-something CDN, which is still a bit much if you wind up not liking the class much). I haven’t made a decision about the subscription yet – I kind of go through periods of wanting to watch a lot of classes and then periods of complete disinterest.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!


  4. I am so sorry you all got sick. What a yucky way to spend your holidays. I hope you are all better soon.

    I have taken 3 Craftsy classes, and have opted to just get them a class at a time for specific techniques and projects rather than do the subscription. My classes that I bought were on sale for 14-19 USD. 2 of them were by Ann Petersen (quilting big quilts on a small machine and playing with curves) because I like her a lot. She is the one that recommended rubber shelf liner instead of gloves. I had been using machingers gloves, but kept having to take them off and put them on whenever I needed to do things with my hands. With the rubber shelf liner you just cut a couple squares, one for each hand, about 4″ each. Your hands are always free for whatever you need. And the best part is they are CHEAP. I already had a package of a rug gripper pad that I had picked up at the thrift store from which I had cut a bigger piece to put under my machine to help with vibration, so I just cut a couple of squares off of that and it works great. I preferred it to using the gloves. Also, my hands got so hot wearing the gloves. This was a great alternative.

    As for the extension table, my home made one worked great. Didn’t move around, even though it was light weight. And by using contact paper to cover it, it was slick and the quilt moved around well. And the supplies cost less than $10. Foam insulation sheet, duct tape (that I already had), and contact paper (that I already had). And I used an electric turkey carving knife to cut the foam insulation to make the cutout for my machine. I don’t have it anymore because now I have the contraption, so I sold it and the folding table it was on to a former coworker that was getting into quilting for 10 bucks (really she was just paying me for the table). One like this would be way easier than cutting a hole out of a wooden desk or table with a saw and having to sand and paint and everything. I quilted both PoDs I made on it.


  5. Oh dear! I hope you are all well very very soon.

    Our family Christmas meal is brunch – so no turkey. This started when Patrick was married to she who must not be named. Her family spent Christmas Eve together – dinner then Christmas Eve mass. So I figured we’d do dinner on Christmas day, but nope. They did a big dinner then too. Since our family doesn’t have any little kids, I thought, well we can do Christmas breakfast. But they also did breakfast before going to mass on Christmas Day. So I said, well, doggone it, we’ll have brunch at our house. That was 10 years ago and we’ve been doing it ever since – even after they were separated and divorced. I’m thinking that we may go back to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner this year so Pat and Vanessa can spend their Christmas Day with Flash and start their own family traditions.

    Man am I wordy tonight.

    YAY for Crafty Kids!!! So much fun watching them develop their artistic talents. Wonderful!

    I have several Craftsy classes (all bought when on sale). The subscription might be worth looking into.

    Again I hope you and your hubby are on a fast road to recovery!


  6. Goodness!!! I hope you all start feeling better soon! I’m no fan of medication other than Thera-flu, I rely on homeopathic and good old home remedies.

    As for changing your thumbnail image – go to YouTube and click these things in order…
    – Your icon [top right corner]
    – CREATOR STUDIO [blue button, upper right side below your header image]
    – It should open to VIDEOS, if not click VIDEOS [left side bar]
    – Locate the vide that you want and click the EDIT button next to it
    -You will see your video and three images to the right of it… select the one you want as your thumbnail image
    – Click SAVE CHANGES… that’s it!!!

    Hope this helps


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