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TTMT #3 | Happy New Year & Studio Tour | 01/02/18

Happy 2018 Everyone!

I figured to start off the year, I would show you all around my sewing studio/craft room. It’s not completed yet. My daughter still has a few things in the way. I do hope to be totally done before the gardening season. Wish me luck!

Thanks for watching & I can’t wait to view all the other videos for the week!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #3 | Happy New Year & Studio Tour | 01/02/18

    1. Thank you! It is coming along!!! And the closet is a nice walk-in [extends behind most of the design wall] so a lot of great storage…. this month I’ll start buying containers as the come on sale. But first to get this girl to claim her stuff or it’s getting donated! Happy sewing!!!


  1. Your sewing/crafting room is great – love the bay windows with all the natural light. I also love the sewing table you made from a door – genius!!! If I ever get my space cleaned out enough to walk around, I’ll show it to you.

    I promise I will not complain about our 10-20 degree temps any more! I cannot even imagine 15 below zero.

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    1. Thanks those bay windows were what won us over when looking at houses. It is very cost effective with all the sunlight in every room because for some reason we have an overload of overcast days in this area… I’ll take all the Vitamin D I can get! Lol

      Thanks on the door/table. I’m a serious repurposer and knew I HAD to come up with a way to use that $5 marked down door… AND it was solid wood! The savings just ran thru my head.. and I had no real idea of what a piece of wood that size would cost, but I wasn’t leaving the Restore without it!!! Lol

      I look forward to seeing your space in all of it’s well utilized glory! Mine is far from clean because it’s always being used!

      Yeah that’s the one negative (pun intended) about living in Iowa. Winter is truly for most indoor activity… thank goodness for sewing!

      Take care & Happy sewing!


  2. What a great crafty space… that must be so nice to have so much natural light in there. And lots of storage space (or storage space to be, anyway, once you get all the space for yourself!). The tummy time quilt is gorgeous! Love that.

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    1. Thank you! I look forward to when it 100% my space! I see a trip to the women’s shelter in the very near future if she doesn’t claim her things in the next 4weeks! I will try to add a pic of his quilt in my next TTMT because I totally forgot on the other one.


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