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TTMT #252 – jewells68 – January 2, 2018 – Turtles and Sigs

So hey, I finished the Sea Turtles Quilt… mostly. And The signature quilt is in progress. And while there is some rambling here, trust me when I say I editing way more out than I left in…



10 thoughts on “TTMT #252 – jewells68 – January 2, 2018 – Turtles and Sigs

  1. Yay for sea turtles!

    “A bit of an incident.” Yes, indeed!! Your poor thumb. Not bleeding on the quilt is quite an accomplishment! Hmm. Not sure what to do about the hole. You might be able to do a tiny bit of embroidery.

    I think I’m going to put the dates on my finishes this year. I honestly couldn’t remember!

    “From conception…” Omg, you’re making me giggle today!

    Let me know how much batting you need for Sandy’s quilt. I’ll cut a hunk off of my roll and send it your way. One less thing to worry about. *hugs*


    1. So after closer inspection, it looks like a bit of a snag on the back in the same spot. Not a hole really, but a little iffy. So hand embroidery might be the right thing to do. I don’t want to just throw a square or round patch of matching fabric on there.


  2. I kind of don’t want my fix from the front to show on the back. That’s why I was thinking applique rather than embroidery. I could fuse something small on and then hand stitch around it and try not to stitch all the through to the back, but I don’t know. If only it were on the blue water area I could do a little fish applique! Maybe I can think of something to embroider. I can’t think what object to put there. The hole is not quite the size of a pencil eraser.

    I think I am going to redo my grid for 2018 and make my categories a little bit different. I need to decide what I definitely want to get done that’s not already on the list. I took PPV off for now but may add it back on for summer. It depends how the first half of the year goes. And my brother Jay is turning 60 this summer so I want to do one for him. And I want to do one for my step-great niece and nephew so they don’t feel left out since their younger brothers each got a quilt. And there are more I won’t even go into,. lol.

    I truly appreciate your offer, thank you so much, that will help. Your original pattern/plan was 56×62. Would 62×68 be big enough? You have more experience with what amount of extra you need to frame quilt. Mean while I will get my butt in gear and go get some backing fabric and thread. And clean and oil this thing again. I was having issues with it catching somewhere in the middle. I think I need to tighten all my screws again and make sure my carriage wheels don’t have thread in them or something.


  3. Holy cow! Finger sewing is not fun!!! What about a little sand dollar applique? The label is great.

    Seems like you got a lot more done than is showing on your grid. If you add the Linus stuff and the table runner for your co-worker and I seem to remember other things but just can’t think of what right now.

    Anyway, you are wonderful for making Sandy a quilt. What a lovely idea.


    1. So after some research it looks like I could maybe try to use some tweezers to insert a little bit of fusible webbing into the hole and press it closed. But now I have looked closer there is a big of a snag on the back, not really a hole, on the reverse side of where the hole on the front is. So maybe a hand-embroidered something is the way to go. Not sure. Hmmm.

      I did get 12 blankets done for Linus, mostly QAYG on fleece or quilts, but I usually only count projects for myself, not Linus. I think I’m going to redo my chart for this year and do it a little differently. I am not disappointed in what I got done last year, I think considering how much I work I got a lot done. My house is a pig sty, but I have finished quilts! lol

      Sandie is a very sweet lady, and has remained director even though she hasn’t been physically well for some time, because we have been unable to find another director. It’s a huge commitment, and one she has made the last couple of years even though it was really too much for her. I just want her to know how much we appreciate all that she does. We have someone that has stepped in for the remainder of this season, and then I have no idea if we’ll have a director or not.


  4. Yeeeeeeeeouch, your finger! Nice job not bleeding on the quilt though, priorities and all. 😀 I like the undulating wave quilting on the turtles, that’s a nice touch.

    You have a package making it’s way to you, about four months late…..


    1. It came yesterday, and it is only 2 months late. 😀 Thank you so much. The extra wasn’t needed at all, but I love all of it. I am gratified knowing your quilt still touches you. figuratively, not just literally. 😉


  5. That’s too bad about the hole in the quilt, but it sounds like you’ve got lots of ideas! I like the idea of a patch – a crab would be amazing! Also? It’s too bad about the hole in your finger! I did the same thing last year (except I just wasn’t paying attention when I waved my finger under the needle) and I’m glad I’ve had that experience and will hopefully never have it again. It was one of my biggest (actually probably only real) quilting fear and it’s kind of relieving to have it over and done with!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the quilt (or have you shown it in another video? I’m catching up on a few weeks videos…), I think it’s going to be adorable. And the label is fantastic – great idea with the line drawing of the turtle.


    1. It’s a bit snagged on the back, too, immediately behind where the hole is on the front. So I’m not sure what to do, but I’m thinking maybe hand embroidery. Of wht I am not sure.


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