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TTMT #453 – 2017 Wrap Up

Welcome, 2018! Let’s DO THIS THING!



12 thoughts on “TTMT #453 – 2017 Wrap Up

  1. Hurray for being able to see again! 😛 New glasses are cute. I wonder if I should copy you and start a project board for this year…


  2. I made a similar board last year and it has been great for keeping track of what I’m doing and what I need to do. I loved moving those post-its forward and finally putting them in the DONE box. I think making a box for things I am planning to do would be a good.

    In my video I didn’t include things I finished in 2017 other than quilts, but there were a few. Most of my UFOs are from 2010 through 2014 (including the 2011 PoD), because that was when I started quilting, well piecing tops. Then I quit for a couple of years due to health problems and started up again in late 2015 (with the 2015 PoD QAL). Now I’m getting them quilted, either by me or a long-armer) a little at a time – and it adds up.

    Love the events coming up! I am planning to take part in a few of them. You and this group are so inspiring for me.

    The glasses are very nice – they suit you.


  3. You accomplished a lot in 2017. It seems like your project board kept you in line. Great job!!

    Love the new glasses. Being able to see makes everything just a bit easier.


  4. I need new glasses so badly. Ugh. MUST get in for that. Hand stitching this past weekend was a reminder, I could barely thread the darn needle.

    I still love the project board idea even though I barely moved anything on mine. But I like it better than just a list. There’s something about moving the pieces of paper around that is just more satisfying than just drawing a line through something. You accomplished so much and had unexpected guests and the like… you are like the energizer bunny you just keep on going.

    I need to get ahead on my other things so I’m ready for Start Trek blocks. Need to revisit the chart and maybe make a few revisions.


    1. I didn’t realize how badly I needed the glasses until I was driving to Dallas last time. My right eye was way off and my prescription changed a lot. Boo.

      Agreed on the board. Making a list didn’t help me nearly as much as the board has!

      Star Trek. Woo!


  5. I love the glasses, it’s aleays a reminder to me that when I start to struggle to tread my machine I need to get my eyes tested.

    I still love your project board, might need to make one this year.

    Happy new year, here is hoping that this one brings you all you want and need, and a visit to England xxxx


  6. You really got a ton done through the year – if you also included patterns designed in your finishes, you’d get an even clearer picture of things you’ve accomplished.

    Looking forward to seeing all the things you do through this next year!

    Thumbs up to the glasses!


    1. Sharing my new patterns occurred to me after I posted the video, so that was yesterday!

      I like these glasses so much more than my last pair. I don’t know if it’s because of the shape or because they are purple, but I have much warmer feelings about them!


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