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TTMT 12/27/17 – End of the Year

As you can see from the pictures, Patrick is my Christmas Elf!



5 thoughts on “TTMT 12/27/17 – End of the Year

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday except for the kidney infection. I have had one of those, it’s good they found it relatively early.

    We don’t exchange gifts in our family, basically for the same reason. If someone needs something, we buy it. If we want to buy them something we know they’d like, but maybe might not spend the money on themselves, we buy it, but don’t wait for a special time of year, just whenever.


  2. Filming in your night gown? SCANDALOUS!! LOL.

    Hubby is horrible at picking out gifts so I just get what I need when I need It. This year we both needed to update our wardrobes so I’ve been picking up things – on clearance of course.

    I tend to get sick around Christmas every year. Even back when I was a kid. Good thing they caught the kidney infection early, It could have been much worse.

    See you next year!!


  3. Such pretty and thoughtful gifts for Christmas! What a lucky lady.

    My guy and I tend to exchange gifts all year long, too. Our “real” gift for Christmas was a desperately needed new sofa!

    Oh, boo on that kidney infection! I hope you’re feeling better now.

    Happy New Year! ♥


    1. So much better!

      We need a new sofa but are not going to get one as long as Lilith is with us. She tends to shred the arms of the sofa. I think a sofa cover might be a good buy though,


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