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TTMT #1 Same Day Wiggle Dress


It’s way past my bedtime and my inability to use technology is acting up, so I’m just going to leave this link here since I can’t seem to figure out how to actually slap a video onto this site. >_< What an auspicious return to TTMTing.


9 thoughts on “TTMT #1 Same Day Wiggle Dress

  1. First off, you’re ridiculous and adorable. I’m so glad you shared the wiggle dress. Woo!

    Second, I fixed video link for you. It’s easy peasy. Next time, just copy and paste the video link and it will automatically show up as a video. The fancy name for that is “unfurling.”

    Also, also, I realized as soon as I finished recorded this morning I forgot all the food related fleecy wraps names. Plus wizard, of course! πŸ’œ


    1. I’ll have to remember that for next time! Thanks for fixing it for me. My brain had hit the wall of tired by the time I was finished editing and trying to post. Hopefully the actual video quality will improve as I go along as well.

      Fleecy wrap names are now on the interwebs forever for posterity. πŸ˜›


  2. Hello, I’m Susan and I am so glad to meet you! I have seen a couple of your videos from “the before time” (before I was a TTMTer). Love your humor; you got my Wednesday off to a great start.

    The wiggle dress is very pretty. As an avowed procrastinator myself, I can say that your last minute project came out WAY better than mine usually do.


    1. Thank you! My humor leans heavily towards self deprecation. As for the dress, I did realize before starting it that I was in a time crunch, so I simplified the construction as much as possible. If I hadn’t run into fabric shortage, cutting, and draping sans dress form issues, it probably would have been finished much more quickly! Procrastination isn’t usually what gets me into ambitious last minute projects…that just tends to be how my creativity and inspiration work.


  3. So good to see you again! *waves* The dress looks amazing and certainly not like something done lat minute. I have only done that once, when I made a skirt from a vintage sheet. one side seam, elastic waistband and done (left the original hem on the sheet for my skirt hem). You dress actually looks like a dress, my skirt looked like I was wearing a sheet, lol Looking forward to more fashion antics.


    1. Thank you! Tis good to be back. Fun fact, I use sheets to make clothes all the time. Thrifted cotton sheets are currently my favorite material to work with. I think the key is to ignore the edges and just treat them as fabric yardage!


  4. Cats can be so judgemental sometimes. Though i’ve occasionally gotten the side-eye from my dog, so they can have their moments too. πŸ™‚

    The dress looks great to me….if I’d tried something like that I’d end up looking like Fred Flintstone, you look like you’re wearing haute couture. Hope I spelled that right.


    1. I mean…pretty much anything can be judgmental under the right circumstances. Thank you! You totally spelled it correctly, and that is the quality I aspire to, though I’m not there yet!


  5. The wiggle dress turned out pretty great… it looks like it fits well (and I probably would’t have noticed the wide neck issue if you hadn’t pointed it out!).

    Fun gift from Jennifer! Big snuggly blankets are the best.


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