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TTMT #452 – Merry & Bright

Today, I’m coming to you from my living room to share some of the goodies I gave and received for Christmas.

See you next year!



5 thoughts on “TTMT #452 – Merry & Bright

  1. That foot massager looks perfect for you. I hope it brings you many hours of relief and/or pleasure. Fun nice gifts. As usual we didn’t exchange gifts but we did finish decorating the tree and had the lights on all day which made for a nice atmosphere.

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  2. Happy you had such a merry Christmas and got so many really nice gifties. I must say I was giggling at all the chocolate! Looks like somebody knows you.

    I will get a video up tomorrow – hopefully.


  3. The foot massager looks amazing. My hubby keeps trying to buy me one but he insista that I need the water bath version. I like yours much better. Who wants to deal with adding and draining water all the time? I really like that It has those heat sensors. I bet that does feel pretty amazing. It’s hard to function when your feet hurt all the time.

    I think you made out pretty well in the chocolate department lol

    I’m looking forward to seeing some new crafters and their videos. I love variety.


  4. Belated Christmas and New Years wishes! Looks like you got some great stuff this Christmas (mmm chocolate!). Those blankets look like really great gifts… snuggly, oversized blankets are the best.


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