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TTMT #251 – jewells68 – December 26, 2017 – Swaps to Sea Turtles

Yes, I’m still in my jammies, don’t judge me, it’s my day off! In which I talk about swap mail and the latest installment of “what’s on the contraption?” See you in 2018!

PS: My coworker actually cried when she opened the table runner package and asked me if she could hug me ( she knows I’m not a hugger so she asked permission).  Then after she got home she immediately made a place for it. I think the kitties approve.

Table Runner Action Shot


12 thoughts on “TTMT #251 – jewells68 – December 26, 2017 – Swaps to Sea Turtles

  1. Woo for having the day off!

    I love seeing the turtle quilt on the contraption! It doesn’t look too tight to me. Hmm, I hope you can figure out what’s up with the thread. Darn, I should have made a label for you! My embroidery machine needs to be serviced after all the freestanding lace. Boo.

    The purple quilt is definitely going to have to happen. So much purple fabric!

    Woo, swap blocks! I’m so excited about swapping.

    Thank you for sharing the in situ photo of the table runner. It looks just perfect where she put it.

    You have been so busy, it’s impressive! Launder all the things!

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    1. You offered to do a label, but at the time I couldn’t focus on that quilt so the decision just got set aside. No worries. I can make one one way or another.

      She is really into decorating for the holidays so I knew she would find a spot for it under some of her holiday knick knacks.

      I have not quilted at all. I suppose I should be annoyed at myself, but after/during ALL THE LAUNDRY settling on the sofa with a paperback just felt like what I wanted to do, lol. I have been so lazy this long weekend it is not even funny, but I know the rest of this week will be a whirlwind so I don’t reegret any of it.


    1. I haven’t even dared to look at the turtle quilt today. Perhaps this evening after dinner.

      She loved the table runner and of course found the perfect spot for it. I’m glad it made her happy.


  2. I’m glad you had an extra day off. You deserve to have some “lazy day” time after all the extra work you’ve had to do this year.

    I hope you get the contraption straightened out and the adorable turtle quilt finished soon.

    Not at all surprised that your co-worker loved the table runner – how could she not have???


    1. I did laundry and pretty much nothing else today. It was nice. Tomorrow will be hell but that’s ok, it was totally worth it.
      I have not even tried to quilt today. I will go at it again either this evening or tomorrow evening after work. I can still finish this week since I am already over halfway done. The quilt is already late so no rush. I want to make one for his older step-brother and sister but am still trying to decide what to make. She is almost HS age so am thinking she might like one of my birthday block quilts, they are fun and bright but don’t have little kid fabrics or anything. I haven’t met them yet so I don’t know if they have favorite fandoms of any sort.
      Aw you are too nice. She was so touched it really made me happy that I took the time to make it.


  3. I love when people send me in use photos of things I’ve made for them. She is definitely quilt worthy.

    You have earned a lazy stay in your pajamas sitting on the couch reading a book kind of day. Laundry is hard work with all that folding and putting away.

    Did you have any extra turtle blocks? A turtle quilt label would be adorable. I’ve heard that as long as a new baby gets their quilt before kindergarten It isnt late 😉


  4. I did not have any leftover turtles but I’m thinking a coloring book page turtle might make a good embroidered label. I’ll look that up. I might even have a turtle embroidery pattern in a giant book I brought home from my mom’s house when I was clearing it out. I’m still waiting for a photo of their last baby using the quilt I made him, maybe I should hold this quilt hostage until I get that, lol.


  5. Can’t wait to see the finished turtle quilt! I think I’m going to traditionally piece my log cabins also. Save paper. Happy New Year!


  6. Belated Christmas and New Years wishes!

    Serendipity? I think that works… sea turtles turned out to be a great choice, given the move 😀 And a fun choice, even if they hadn’t moved.

    That’s really sweet about your co-worker… nothing like knowing something you’ve made is appreciated!


    1. She bought a sewing machine last year and has been gradually using it for fun stuff. She bought a couple of halloween panels and just dove in to quilt them, sort of trial and error. It’s nice to have someone to share crafty things with at work. One of the first things she did with her sewing machine was make little kicker toys for everyone in our department that has cats.


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