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TTMT #23 What I did on my Christmas vacation

My kids bought me a new sewing chair for Christmas. Even though it arrived at my house on Monday I decided to wait until Christmas Eve to put it together and then I was going to sew on my December UFO quilt project. Nope, didn’t happen. There was an issue with the second to last bolt and I couldn’t finish putting together the chair. The company is amazing and responded to my Amazon message late Christmas Eve and put a new bolt in the mail today. Since I didn’t have my new chair I decided on a whim to rearrange my craft room lol. As you can tell I got as far as the rearranging part and I still have the reorganizing to do. I’m not sure if I’ll like this new set up but I feel like I might have a bit more room to move around. We’ll see.



8 thoughts on “TTMT #23 What I did on my Christmas vacation

    1. I know I’ll always be wanting to move things around too. There was a time when I would just jump in and buy all kinds of things to try to organize by craft area but I’ve since learned that I need to go slow and think things out a bit more. I think I know what I want but I need to visualize It for a bit more.


    1. I’ve managed to make It so messy that I HAD to clean It before I could get anything done. It seems that my craft room is always in need of a good clean out.


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