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8 thoughts on “TTMT 92

  1. I really like the Celtic tree towel. The angel has nice details even though it’s on a towel. Great job getting 20 towels done.

    Guess Who? was one of my favorite games growing up. It is so creative to make a family version. I’m sure there will be lots of giggling when y’all play.

    I’m so glad your mouth is feeling better. Pie eating contests are obviously very dangerous.

    Merry Christmas!!


  2. YAY for your mouth being better!

    I can’t believe how much embroidery you have gotten done. Sorry (not sorry) if I have had a hand in feeding your addiction. I’m planning on making a couple more things this week. Like maybe an ornament for each person coming to Christmas brunch. Or I may start embroidering titles for the upcoming PoD QAL. Or both!!!

    Cute idea for Guess Who. And putting out a fake present is such a sneaky thing to do – I love it!

    I’m glad you liked your tree.


  3. Your tree trimming swap gift is just lovely, Susie did a great job. Talking about vintage buttons makes me think I need to show off my button collection in a video one of these days. It’s epic. Between a friend of my mom’s that passed away and left her collection, and my mom’s collection that included my aunt’s collection, it’s kind of insanely big. I have told all my coworkers if they ever need a button for anything do not buy it, call me first!

    Your embroidered towels look great! I am planning if my Singer machine that I piece on dies to get a combo sewing and embroidery next time. I would like to be able to at least do lettering if not also pictures too.

    Fun idea for the pickle gift. Sounds like a fun family tradition.


  4. Such lovely hand towels!!! And a lot of hard work!

    Love your idea for the guess who game and how to be sneaky is awesome!

    Merry Christmas, Rainey!


  5. Yay for feeling better! And, at least the pie eating contest is a good story!

    The Tree Trimming Swap was small but so wonderful. I adore how special they all were. I inherited my Grannie’s box of buttons, so I know just what you’re talking about.

    Woo hoo for all the embroidered towels. You outdid yourself!

    That Guess Who. AMAZING.


  6. There’s something kind of special about the three of you being the ones to do the Tree Trimming swap… it’s sort of more personal, I suppose, than it might have been. Now you have something special directly from Susie.

    Wow… the towels and ornaments really turned out great! Between the three of you you’re going to make me want to get an embroidery machine too 😀

    The Guess Who game is fantastic.. what a great idea.


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