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TTMT #250 – jewells68 – December 19, 2018 – Table Runner and Plans

Well, I ALMOST forgot today was Tuesday! So better late than never, here’s a slightly rambly video about current quilty plans and showing off the finished christmas table runner which I plan to give to my coworker tomorrow. I actually have Tuesday the 26th off because we are CLOSED. So 4 day weekend for Jewells!!! *throws mass amounts of confetti* So look for me next Tuesday with hopefully some stuff I did over the long weekend.

Happy Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Solstice, and general Wintry Times!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #250 – jewells68 – December 19, 2018 – Table Runner and Plans

  1. What a bright, cheery table runner. I’ll bet she’s going to cherish it.

    So glad you have a 4-day weekend coming. You’ve been working at max warp for some time now and it will be good to give the engine a rest. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.


    1. I’m afraid I actually made her cry when I gave it to her today, but it was a good cry according to her. She was really touched. And I know it was for real because she showed several people and they told me how happy she was.

      Finally got Phebe’s apartment stuff out of my way in the living room tonight so we can set up the tree tomorrow. Looking forward to a LONG weekend, followed by a short week followed by another LONG weekend.


  2. I bet you’re looking forward to that 4 day weekend. You’ve been so busy that I bet you’re ready for It.

    The table runner looks great. I like simple strip table runners like that. Shows off lots of fabrics without being too much of just one fabric.

    I love jelly rolls but I tend to buy them and not use them lol. They feel too precious.

    I will be working from stash in 2018 except for batting and some backings. I’m running a bit low on backing fabrics so I might need to pick up some neutrals. I have way too much in stash so I’ll just get a bit creative and have fun!


    1. I am REALLY looking forward to the long weekend. Other than Thanksgiving I haven’t had a real day off in months. The 2 I took this fall were to pick up my daughter, so they involved lugging stuff and a 6.5 hour round trip in a day.

      The few jelly rolls I have actually bought were for a specific project so they got used right away. Since this project will take most of the rainbow jelly roll I will only have a decent amount of the white strips left, and that can be used for tons of stuff . Also I used a special holiday coupon and got the rainbow one for 60% off so it was a heckuva deal for a shortcut.

      She loved the table runner and even cried some happy tears. I love when a gift brings out the happy tears.

      I pretty much just have scraps of batting left for my personal projects, except for the package I bought for the turtle quilt, so I will likely have to buy batting in 2018, but I really could go the whole year and not buy fabric and STILL have too much. I do feel like working with orphan blocks and/or scraps brings out creative ideas.


  3. That table runner is wonderful. It’ll be a great keepsake for your co-worker!

    Oh man, I could work from my stash for about the next 20 years. Too much stuff coming in, nothing going out for a long while. This next year HAS to be a year where I get off my butt, tune out some of the distractions and actually accomplish something. And make the occasional video to show it.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy your extra time off (as if you wouldn’t). 😀

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    1. She loved her table runner so much she cried some happy tears. Those are my favorite response to a crafty gift.

      It’s crazy how little fabric I bought this year, just a little yardage to have on hand for backings and that’s about it. the fabric I brought home was from Linus and will get used for Linus most likely unless it’s not kid-friendly.Yet I still have SO very much. I think I’ve been trying to work from stash since 2016. I’ve been pretty good about not buying stuff I don’t need but these jelly rolls are more time and effort savers than anything else. If I hadn’t needed a bunch of colors, AND the rainbow jelly roll hadn’t been on sale, I probably would have bought yardage and cut it myself. but the wrist and thumb are giving me trouble so the more I can save myself from that much cutting the better.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to having 5 bonus days off over the next couple weeks. 🙂


  4. I love the table runner!! It’s beautiful!!

    Ugh, dusting is my least favorite…



    Love the jelly roll! And you’ve just given me an idea!!! Hooray!


    1. She loved it, it made her cry ze happy cries. In fact she posted an action shot of it on FB last night so I downloaded that to share next week.

      I normally don’t buy precuts other than for a specific project/plan. but you can’t beat them when you need a bunch of 2.5″ strips. Especially when your poor wrist can’t bear the thought of cutting all those strips.
      *glomps back*


  5. Ah, the tablerunner is so very sweet! I’m so glad you finished it for her.

    Even though it took forever took to arrive, that jelly roll is just delicious!

    Woo hoo, sea turtle quilt!

    I really like The Contraption as your TTMT background.

    Also, love hearing my name in your videos. 💜

    Let’s keep using it up!

    Omg, I can’t believe 2017 is almost over. What. A. Year.


  6. The table runner was a simple gift but it made her cry because she recognized all the fabric immediately. She already has a palce for it at home and posted an “in situ” photo on facebook which immediately stole to use in next week’s video.

    No progress on anything else yet other than clearing off my cutting table and sewing desk and loading the singer with my 1/4 inch piecing foot and some neutral cotton thread for piecing either signature blocks, half log cabins, or both!

    The contraption takes up so much of the room it’s hard for it to NOT be in the background, lol.

    Use it up use it up!

    Oi, 2017 is almost over. Might have to do a quick year in review for next Tuesday’s video.


  7. Its funny going back in time, I’ve already commented on things you’ve talked about in later videos…

    Anyway, it’s nice to see the tablerunner up close – the sparkly binding is perfect! And good choice, doing it just in green. It gave it a really nice frame. (Granted, if I’d seen it with red and green mixed I’ve have probably liked that too :D)


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