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TTMT #22 The Christmas rush is over

5 thoughts on “TTMT #22 The Christmas rush is over

  1. I like the bumblebee socks a lot! Those elf hats and the Santa hat!!! So cute.
    The Pepsi bag does seem to be the perfect traveling hexie bag.

    I like the December project. The light/bright colors look really good with the gray background.

    Merry Christmas Robin!

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  2. Wow, those yellow socks came out great! Seems like to get him a crew sock you need to buy 3 skeins of sock yarn, and I have tiny feet where I can make a pair of ankle socks out of a single skein. They should make jumbo skeins for big feet.

    Oh those baby hats are simply adorable. And it’s actually good to have them be different from each other, one, red and one green. That way they can assign a color to each twin.

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    1. Thanks!!

      If I buy sock yarn for Robbie then I do need the three skeins of commercial yarn. Like you, I can usually get a pair for myself from one skein especially since I don’t make the legs too long. I was given several skeins of hand dyed yarn from a Secret Santa for Christmas 2015 and I’ve been slowly working through that wonderful gift. Hand dyed yarn is generally out of my budget at $20 and up for one skein so this has been a luxury. This yellow and black skein was the last of the full sock yarn skeins and one of my favorite so I saved it for last. I think I am going to try some worsted weight socks next.

      With the twins you can tell they are brothers but they definitely aren’t identical. One twin is a big beefy guy and the other is a tiny little man. One looks like momma and the other like dad. Their momma is very generous with sending me pictures of the boys and they are just adorable. She loves anything hand made so I love making things for her and the boys.


  3. Very lovely work!!

    I’m sure the hats and socks are appreciated!!

    Cute bag and gear attitude to use it yourself with the customer cancelling. 🙂

    So much done!! It is a great feeling isn’t it?


  4. This socks are fun, they make the think of Hufflepuff!

    The elf hats. Oi, so cute! I like that the hats are a little different. Now, I hope these babies get to be together since there is a Santa hat, too!

    Oodles of hexies!

    The growing blanket continues to be fantastic.

    Yay for finished UFOs!


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