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Halp! (dozmuffinxc)

Friends! I know it’s been a troll’s age since I posted a proper video, but I could really use your help. A friend is getting married at Christmas, and his fiancee has asked me to help her sew a ribbon to the waist as an accent to her wedding dress.

The dress itself has a lace overlay and the ribbon is a smooth satin. I’m thinking that I’ll need to hand-stitch it because of the delicate fabrics, but I don’t know what sort of stitch would be best, and I’m sure that at least one of you fabulous ladies will have advice for me!

I miss you all, and I hope you’re having a fabulous holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Halp! (dozmuffinxc)

  1. Oh yes I second Pren. I would think hand stitching would be best, but I don’t think you would need to stitch it all the way around, only in strategic places to keep it attached.


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