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TTMT Who killed Laura Palmer?

So couldn’t think of a title so I went with this xxx


5 thoughts on “TTMT Who killed Laura Palmer?

  1. So is that what you are wanting to design, Twin Peaks blocks? 😉 I have only had success making my own pp pattern once, and that was not really designing so much as just taking a traditionally pieced block and converting it to a pp block.Any other patterns I don’t think I ever finished.

    I liked Angela Walters class I took from Craftsy ok, but I preferred the two I got from Ann Petersen. She’s kind of laid back and so easy going and doesn’t stress “you have to have this tool or that tool”. Which Angela didn’t necessarily do but some instructors do. Instead Ann jut gives you an overview of the different things people use to do that and says her preference and asks her students for anything else they might use that she doesn’t mention. I like the format of her classes, she takes her time and I have asked a few questions and she answered right away. The one I have watched the most was Big Quilts on SMall Machines. She gives multiple ways to do it. That is a class I could definitely recommend to someone.

    So glad that your package arrived! I had forgotten to request text updates for the tracking, so I was surprised it got there in less than two weeks with the holidays coming. i must have just mailed it before the crush started.

    You got a little extra because I was SO very late mailing. Also you were last, lol. I love that sparkly fabric. I have more. HardHatCat sent it to me from Australia. So now it has practically travelled the world. I am planning to use some of the gold to bind this xmas table runner I think.

    Hope your knee is feeling better! Falling on it in the same place made me end up with a serious bruised knew that was like a grapefruit. It gets so stiff and painful, and then the cold just makes it worse!


  2. I have two ideas that I really want to work on, one is a soft book of small blocks including the books that I loved as a child, I had this idea to do books like Where the wild things are and the Magic Faraway tree but as small mini quilts . The other project I keep coming back to came to me because of a gift that Jennifer made for you a few years ago. I love Agatha Christie and the Body in the Library quilt that Jennifer made for you was epic. Since I saw it I have wanted to make my own book cover quilt , and keep going back to three books, Sparkling Cyanide , At Bertrums Hotel and Nemesis. the cover work on those three is amazing.

    I have the craftsy course you are talking about , but I watched it a few years ago now so might have to revisit it again. I love craftsy and I like Angela walters style , some of the presenters have this annoying habit of repeated the same phrases and I get annoyed but I like her style, Thanks for the reminder.

    Your package was so the latest.I didn’t put chocolate in in the end as the postage had to be the same for Royal Mail to cover it .I will totally put some in nest year when I send you my swap blocks.

    Knee is getting there although it is feeling a little bruised today, it is still so slippery out there that when you walk everywhere you are having mini slips and that has strained it I think.


  3. Oh that’s rough about your knee! I hope it improves quickly! Winter weather is the worst! (Although we’ve had nothing but warm weather this month and it’s actually a little scary… global warming and all that. It’s been 10-15 degrees so far all month and the average is usually -1, with a decent amount of snow, which we’ve had none of because it’s too warm.)

    The little ornament does use Liberty fabric! Found the most Christmasy-coloured one I could 😀 Anyway, I do hope the fabric will work for you. I should have chosen something that’d work better for paper-piecing. I got so indecisive about it that I think I just went for the first pretty thing I saw when I finally was packing it up to mail.)

    I really like that flower pattern on the top of the Shakespeare stitch… it reminds me a little of the kinds of patterns you see for crewel embroidery. Lovely finishes!

    You and I need to trade jobs — you could baste and I could quilt. Alas that we live so far apart.

    If you’re up for taking another Craftsy class, the one that helped me the most was Christina Camelli’s Free Motion Quilting Essentials. It starts with a group of three blocks that you make 4 each of (or something like that… I’m forgetting exactly) and then you quilt a bunch of different basic shapes on the blocks, each thing you do building up on the last thing you learned. But she’s not too precious about it – she even suggests just drawing the blocks on muslin and using that for practice, instead of making blocks because sometimes having a “real” project can make you too afraid to do anything. I honestly learned SO much from just working through the entire class, top to bottom. (I’ve got A LOT of Craftsy classes, this one is always my go-to recommendation for people wanting to get into FMQ. The one Jewells recommended is another one I go back to a lot because I often think about using her techniques for breaking up large quilts into smaller parts to quilt… I just haven’t done it yet :D)

    Anyway, alternatively? There really is nothing wrong with straight line stitching. If you’ve got a walking foot, you could just do everything that way. Straight lines up and down or across a quilt. A checkerboard type pattern. A diamond. I haven’t read it, but Jacquie Gering (I think I just spelled her name wrong) has a quilt book called “Walk” on the subject and at least a couple Craftsy classes about it. I don’t enjoy her teaching all that much, but the techniques are good. And maybe eventually you could borrow the book from a library. (I’ve read a ton of quilting books that way :D)


  4. The teacher pouches are very nice. I’m sure they’re going to find them very useful. I have several in all different sizes and use them for all kinds of things.

    Your cross stitch pieces look amazing. I enjoy cross stitching but it sure does take a very long time.


  5. I’m so sorry you fell on that knee – once is bad enough, but 3 times! I hope it heals up soon.

    The British reaction to snow sounds much like the reaction here in the Southeast US. I am glad I have made it to the age that if it’s slick outside, I’m inside!!!

    Your cross-stitch is impeccable and the teacher’s pouch is very nice.

    Your confidence in designing may be low but my confidence in you being able to do it and do it well!!!!


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