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TTMT: 12 December 2017

In which I show the last batch of FQ swap FQs, November Bee blocks, some quilt blocks for yet another quilt I’ll never quilt, and a mini-quilt that’s in progress and hopefully will be done by Christmas.

The Bee blocks are all Scrap Jar Stars. The blocks in the Tula Pink fabrics are Churn Dashes with a little less background material and a layout that makes them look like non-Churn Dashes. (There is probably a name for those, but I can’t recall what it is.) And the beaver block is designed by Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts. I didn’t use a pattern for the maple leaves, but it’s a pretty standard block and you could probably find a dozen of them without trying on google.

11 thoughts on “TTMT: 12 December 2017

  1. It is fabulous to see you after a million years!

    Oh, I love that bee block you made for yourself. It’s…fresh? Not sure what word I’m looking for, but I love it!

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned your mum sending you a list of seasonal quilts. 😛

    I’m so amused by your ornament plans. Maybe February. Hehe!

    We have a similar place here that rents long arm machines. It’s been quite popular. I hope you try it and really enjoy it!


    1. There are a couple places in Calgary that have long-arm rentals, but shockingly one of them is actually near to where I live! Calgary is a really enormous city with not that many people in it and everything is soooooooooo far away. For whatever reason, all of the fabric shops are in the south-west part of the city, but I live in the far north-east part of the city, and we joke that you have to pack a lunch if you’re going to go all the way down there, you’ve got to make a day trip out of it. But this one shop, which is actually a Wonderfil thread distribution centre, is up in the north-east like me…. it’s so nice! Of course I still haven’t called to book a class, but it’s on my list for this year.


  2. Love your Bee blocks. I have a ton of Tula Pink that I haven’t used yet…New Year’s resolution? Also really love your O Canada quilt for your mom.


    1. Thank you! It’s only a month and a half later and I still haven’t quilted that mini, but that’s next on tap, I think!

      I have a half a bin full of Tula fabric that I’ve not used… I don’t know why I’m so precious about it, I just always feel like I don’t have good enough ideas for showcasing it 😀


  3. You do have a lot to show, it’s good to see & hear you again!

    I definitely chuckled about your mom. Hint hint?? I think so! 🙂 The Canada Day one is really fun, I like it!

    I love your story about shopping online in a sleepy stupor. I think we’ve all done that at least once if not more. I find myself filling my cart and then I go back and empty it out.

    One of our shops also rents long arms after you take their class. We also have a couple of the County senior centers that lets you “rent them” for free. But the list to sign up fills up on the first day of every month. Before I bought my used frame I was seriously considering buying a hand quilting frame on craigs list JUST for basting quilts so I could do it in a combo of standing and sitting. Basting sucks.


  4. Welcome back!!! You may not post often, but when you do it is full of great stuff. Love all the blocks you’ve been making. The Bee blocks are wonderful. But my favorite thing on your post is your Mom’s O Canada mini quilt (and the story behind it).


    1. I’m really liking how the Canada Day quilt is coming together! I’m at the point of needing to quilt it now, but just discovered I actually have no red thread! (What?!) I’m going to go thread shopping tomorrow, I think, though the roads are a bit dicey now (huge snow storm!) and hopefully I’ll get it done quickly.


  5. your Oh Canada mini quilt is awesome , I love that pattern. Your piecing skills are amazing your blocks always look crisp and sharp and that is not easy to do.

    As always i love you fabric combinations , and I feel proud to have your only 2017 Christmas tree hanging in my sewing room ;-}


    1. I use a lot of spray starch (well, I use Best Press, which is a starch alternative), which gives it such a crisp look. It makes it easier to be really precise, I find!

      Hope you like that silly little ornament 😀 One day I’ll get more of them done…


  6. The Oh Canada quilt is fun. I like red and white quilts.

    Basting quilts is the worst. I’m really tired of crawling around on the floor.


    1. I love red and white quilts too… I started doing Jennifer’s Paper Piecing Vintage all in red and white, which if I hadn’t crapped out on it would have been my first red/white quilt. One of these days I’ll get back to it… 😀

      I baste on a table top, which really saves the knees and back, but I only have a small table to do it on so it’s still kind of a pain to do. Lots of shifting things around, which unfortunately makes it so much easier to have shifty bits in the backing fabric where there ought not to be any.


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