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TTMT 12-12-17: Need less talk and more crafting

To clarify, the dinosaur fabric was from Vicky; the sparkly fabric was purchased at The Broken Needle when I met Rainey there and she bought some of the same fabric.  As my dad used to say, “My tang got toungled.”

The reindeer on the hand towel is supposed to  be a darker shade of tan, but the machine started pulling up the white bobbin thread to the front. The wreath was in green variegated thread, but some of the greens were too light to show up well.  Ah, live and learn.  Next time darker thread and not so poofy towels.



6 thoughts on “TTMT 12-12-17: Need less talk and more crafting

  1. Oh, that dino! So adorable. I have a couple of stuffy patterns but haven’t tried them out yet.

    I love that we both are having Urban Thread romances right now!

    On the puckering, I agree that maybe you need a heavier stabilizer. It’s also possible the fabric was too tight. The gal who taught me to hoop said to make sure it was smooth, but to avoid over tightening.

    On my towels, I used a layer of wash away stabilizer on the back and one on top. I have a heavier fabric-like one from Pellon that I found at Joann’s that like really like to use for the back. Use the more plastic-y one on top.

    Yay for a gorgeous Tree Trimming swap! We only had three participants, but it sure was fun!

    You’re going to do a great job on those hexies (if you haven’t already!). 😀


    1. For the towels I have been using cut-away on the back and WSS on the top. I’m going to try a heavier weight of cut-away. For the other I was floating the fabric on top; I think I’m going to have to hoop it.


  2. Sorry you had such a hassle with the embroidery machine, but you got some really nice stuff out of it.

    I’m glad a few folks participated in the Tree Trimming Swap. And with such beautiful results!

    Lady you are going to rock that hexie quilt. That might look good with diagonal lines down the quilt, like if you start in the middle and then work your way out to the side. Maybe just 2 or 3 inches apart, depending on the batting you use. I can’t wait to see it!


    1. I decided to just quilt in the ditch on the hexies vertically but not horizontally and around the frames. I probably should have done some quilting on the outer border since it is wider, but opted not to. Now the only thing left is to bind it and I hope to get that done today.


  3. I totally love the dinosaur it is so very cute . I am so envious of yours and Jennifer’s embroidery machines , you both get amazing results. I need to save for a bigger machine next year with a decent sized hoop. xx


  4. Very cute dino stuffy! I like the little tags on it – cute!

    Oh, that Christmas tree embroidery on the pillow is really lovely. All your embroidery pieces look nice!

    And that Tree Trimming swap mini is really great. I haven’t seen the one you made yet, but the one you received and the one Rainey made are both really great.. it’s amazing how different they can be while using the same pattern.


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