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TTMT#22-Crutchy, then crafty-


6 thoughts on “TTMT#22-Crutchy, then crafty-

  1. Ouch! I would be banned from using stairs for a bit too.

    Oh my goodness!!! I love that Santa hat.

    The tie table runner is nice. Like you I’m kinda going huh. It’s like it’s missing something. What about adding the collars from the dress shirts as if they were hanging from someone’s neck??

    You’ve been very productive.


  2. That’s awful about your knee! I hope they figure out what’s happening (and you take it easy in the meantime!).

    Fun to see some of the gifties you’ve gotten and are making for your family! I think it’s a great idea to save that quilt for your nephew – you’ve already done another quilt for the same cause and people honestly don’t always value you hand-made as much as they should.

    It’s too bad you don’t like the tie tablerunner better. You’re wibbling about it too much for it to be something you keep making. Maybe you can find something else you’ll like better for the rest of the ties. Maybe you could make a kind of.. tie dresden plate or something like that.

    The Christmas quilt looks lovely. What a nice gift for someone!


  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your knee. I injured my foot walking across the living room last year. That’s it, no fun or cool story. Boo for getting older!

    What a fun Star Wars quilt! I’m glad you’ve been able to come up with a new plan for it.

    Yay for your Santa’s Hat! I’ve loved seeing everyone’s variations. Your fabric choices are super cute.

    Oh my goodness, I love the tie table runner. That’s such a lovely idea for a memory quilt.

    Pretty, pretty, pillowcase! My daughter loves France, too. She studied in Paris last year and has wanted to go back ever since. ♥

    The Christmas quilt is another gorgeous one. It’ll be a lovely gift.


  4. If you are getting old, I’m downright ancient! And I don’t feel ancient at all. I hope your knee heals quickly. Take care of yourself and listen to your husband about those killer stairs.

    As for your quilting, I haven’t seen anything yet that wasn’t beautifully made. The Star Wars quilt was obviously meant for Eli; it needs somebody that will appreciate it.

    The Tie Table Runner is wonderful. I love that it is simple and lets the ties be the focus, and that it is masculine. I think your husband’s siblings will appreciate that.

    The pillow cases are lovely. The Christmas quilt is beautiful. The baby quilt is very cute.


  5. I hope your knee is starting to feel better. As someone who has dealt with knee problems since injuries in my youth, (torn ligament, cracked kneecap, etc) I highly recommend ice pack therapy. 10 minutes on, 15 or so off, for a half hour or so. And when it starts feeling better USE IT. Gently, but use it. When it comes to arthritis, use it or lose it is so very true. And tell that husband to just haul up a machine and your current project upstairs so you can still do stuff! 😉

    You are so right about the fundraiser thing. It’s always the same people that show up. Sometimes it gets really disheartening. I don’t blame you at all to use the quilt for someone else.

    Your gift projects are so fun! I love the pillowcases and the tie table runner is such a fun idea. I wish I had thought of something like that before getting rid of my dad’s ties, all I had were the ones none of my brothers or nephews wanted. So they were the older out of date ones. But this would have been a good use for them!


  6. I totally feel your pain with falling over, I feel three times walking the kids to school on Monday because of the snow. Hope your feeling loads better now and taking it easy.

    I love the star wars quilt and the pillow case. The tie table runner is great and its always nice to have something that the person who has passed worn , I wonder if you could do a Dresden Plate pattern with the ties?

    All amazing as per normal you get stuff done, I love the idea of using your stash up next year , I have just cleared alot of mine to try and keep things tidier.


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