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TTMT #21 Twin elf hats and Advent knitting


8 thoughts on “TTMT #21 Twin elf hats and Advent knitting

  1. Ack.. two weeks until Christmas. I’m mostly ready, but we don’t have a working oven right now! (The oven was supposed to arrive last week, but didn’t. So…. it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas. Might be the weirdest Christmas dinner ever if I don’t get one that works soon..) I have a little baking I’d like to do and took this week off work, but that hasn’t worked out!

    You got tons of stuff done! More in a week than I manage some months 😀 The xmas mug rugs are very cute.

    The little squares afghan is really great. I love super scrappy things like that. Lovely.

    Soap making should be fun. I know some people on Instagram who seem to LOVE making it.

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    1. We went over 8 months without an oven a couple years back. It wasn’t fun and there were no home baked Christmas cookies that year. I hope your oven arrives soon.


  2. Your xmas wall hangings are cute. I have zero decorating done. Don’t even have the tree up because my daughter’s stuff from school is still piled in the corner where I would have put it.

    Hoodie is really coming along. Watching your videos always makes me want to try new things.

    The mitred square blanket is looking awesome. I know someone that did one of these a few years back when it was all the rage on ravelry. Her’s was truly stunning, I’m sure yours will be too.

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    1. I’ve had a few years where I was just too busy to do more than put up a barely decorated tree. Since all the kids are now out on their own I don’t feel the pressure to decorate the house. Right now my craft room is the only decorated area and It will probably stay that way. Maybe we can start a new minimalist movement where It comes to decorating for Christmas? Lol

      When the miter square blanket started on Ravelry I didn’t think I would make one but once i started knitting It I was hooked. Lots of people started blankets back then but never finished them. I’m enjoying knitting on mine so I hope I don’t join them and only work on It in December.


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