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Oh my aching…


6 thoughts on “Oh my aching…

  1. Good to see your face. And good to see your crafty projects as well. Those blankets are wonderful – especially the foxes!!! Your knitting is always impeccable. I totally agree with you that getting everything cut out and organized is definitely the way to go with Rainbow Cascade. Once the cutting and sorting is done, you can zip through the blocks.

    You have spent the majority of your time this year on a totally different creative endeavor and have accomplished so much. Please don’t “beat yourself up” over not working on as many crafts. I have found that when completing a major project I’m sort of at a loss as to what to do next even though I ALWAYS have a lot of ideas swirling around. But if I step back and chill for just a bit, I can get back in the groove. Maybe the trip to visit Hogwarts was just the step back you needed.

    Golly, when did I become such a lecturer? Probably comes with old age.

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  2. I’m so pleased the pre-cuts worked so much faster for you! With the block repeats, pre-cutting made the most sense.

    I’ve missed you, too! I hope you got everything you wanted to done today. ♥

    I love the afghans. The foxes are especially just too much!


  3. I think everyone has kind of found a groove with the rainbow cascade with chain piecing or precutting or whatever works. I need to get back to it but life has intervened, though I have a bunch printed now, I just need to start cutting my patterns and bagging them up with fabric

    Your crochet afghans are always so amazing and detailed and cute. The foxes are particularly adorable!


  4. We have missed you , I have definatly missed your fabric purchases , i like to life though you xx

    The crochet is amazing , I wish I could do it but I seem to be all fingers and thumbs.

    Life does seem to take over doesnt it, I have gotten really behind but hoping to catch up soon.xx


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