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TTMT #449 – I’m Awake!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #449 – I’m Awake!

  1. Thank you for reminding me. I’ve finished my Tree Trimming quilt but had forgotten to sign up.

    You don’t worry about any “deadline” for that new pattern. You just take care of you! I know you take care of everybody else.


    1. Thank you for signing up! Partners sent! It was a small swap, but I’m still glad to share. 🙂

      That new pattern is definitely coming out next week. I took today off to sew with a friend and it was very restorative!


  2. I cannot tell you how I screamed when I saw the Land Before Time. I am definitely going to follow along. Maybe I can make Miss P a throw pillow or two or maybe a wall hanging. If only this had come out 10 or so years ago! Love it.

    You are such a giving person. I hope you did get a nap to recover. It does seem like Crisis after crisis doesn’t it? Looking forward to the freshness of a new year. Life is still messy but it always seems fresh and new in January.


    1. The Land Before Time is going to be HUGE. The excitement has been amazing. I’m happy for Angela, especially since it’s her first event to host! My kids were never really into it, but my sister was. 🙂

      Today was much better. Tomorrow is due to be crazy, but the weekend should be reasonable, so I’ll take the rest where I can get it!


  3. Now that it’s wednesday afternoon I hope you found some time to rest. It’s that time of year where everyone tends to have a crisis or two. Like you I’ll always jump in for friends and family but It does tend to wear me down. I’ve learned the value of a quick nap over the years.

    Land before time quilt along sounds amazing. I love when a new year rolls around and new quilt alongs and new swaps start up. Even if I don’t participate It sure is fun to follow along.


    1. Rest found me today by giving me a day to sew with a dear friend. I really needed it! There’s been a lot of need for a lot of extra love lately and I’m happy to give, but time to recharge is definitely needed.

      I missed the whole Land Before Time phenomenon because I was a bit too old, but I know my sister loved it. I hope it’s a big hit for Angela! You’re right, new quilt alongs and swaps are the best!


  4. Hope you got some rest and looked after yourself as well as everyone else. I reposed Jules birthday package end of the week so it should be there soon I hope.

    Love the superhero quilts.

    Its been so busy here and ,y craft room has been a mess so now that I have sorted it all out I hope to get some crafty sew jo back again.

    I am still wait on a couple of pacakages but am just presuming that they are on route , hopefully all of mine except for Jules have been received.


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