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TTMT#21-Star Wars

star wars quilt.jpg

Challenge accepted and accomplished.



4 thoughts on “TTMT#21-Star Wars

  1. I really enjoy listening to your quilty adventures. What a great Star Wars quilt; the Darth Vader cornerstones are perfect – especially because they glow in the dark! (Isn’t quilt therapy the best???)

    You are right that it is time to start working on some things you really want to do for Christmas. The idea for the ties table runners is wonderful. I’m sure your husband’s siblings will be touched and appreciative.

    I can’t believe your mom was able to get into the apartment so quickly! Very pretty fabric for her new curtains. And the baby quilt is adorable.

    I think we can all relate to being a bit overwhelmed by all the ideas floating around in our heads that we want to get done. I know I can!!!

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  2. You have gotten so much done! I’m happy for your mom that she got to move into the apartment. The curtains are light and cheery.
    The Star Wars quilt is fun. I’ve had to really practice saying NO because people always want me to make things for them. I’ve started replying with large dollar amounts to get them to back off, that seems to help, although this is for a fund raiser, you can only do so much, right? Besides that pattern in the top lends itself well to being a tied quilt so with some lofty batting and cute yarn or embroidery floss I’m sure it will look great.

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  3. Your Star Wars quilt turned out amazing. I really like the bright green sashing especially with all the little glow in the dark Darth Vaders. What a fun surprise!

    What a blessing that your mom got into an apartment so quickly. The flower fabric looks like It was meant to be curtains.

    You’ve given so much this year. I believe you’ve earned some personal crafting time. It’s good to make something that makes you smile in between projects for others. It keeps you from getting burnt out.

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  4. Ack… I just refreshed by mistake and lost the comments I was typing up!

    The Star Wars quilt looks great… love the Darth Vader cornerstones.

    I like the idea of the tie tablerunner.. I hope you’re able to get it done!


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