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TTMT #447 – Thanksgiving Crunch

Every once in a while, the real world says ENOUGH. I’m kind of at that point. Everything is okay, there is just way too much to do and not enough hours in the day. I will have an extra full house next week and have decided to take the week off from online activities to give myself some breathing room.



9 thoughts on “TTMT #447 – Thanksgiving Crunch

    1. Ha, thanks! I love to get stuff done but even I have limits. 😉

      Thank you! I want to be sewing on it right now, but I’m trying to squeeze a few more things in before I start nerfing stuff out of my sewing room to make room for our guest.


  1. Honey, don’t you EVEN begin to feel bad about taking some time off! Anybody who works as hard as you do deserves a week off. Not that entertaining a house full of people will be restful, but it will at least be different. Enjoy your company for Thanksgiving. We’ll manage without you for a few days.

    I love the Frosted Firs pattern. I would love to get started on it right now, but I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.


    1. I’ve got three minutes to breathe before the crazy starts, soo…

      I don’t feel bad, really, but I do get a lot of flack when I’m not around. People either think I’m slacking or must be in the hospital if I’m too quiet. It’s a mixed bag!

      My sewing room has officially been taken over by a guest, but I will hopefully be able to steal a few minutes for a few seams here and there. If not, that’s okay, too!

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  2. I’ve been looking at tons of tree patterns lately. Your frosted firs is one of the best I’ve seen. I really like the one lone house among all the trees.

    It’s a very busy time of the year and you have definitely earned a week off from videos. You know your house is full to the max when you have to hide out in the garage to sew lol.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your full house!!


  3. Enjoy the time with your family and friends this week. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time. I may or may not get one done but I hate to miss 2 weeks in a row so even if it’s late I will try to post. Hang in there. You house will be full but that’s because both your heart and home are so open.

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  4. The Frosted Firs pattern is really sweet… the mountains are really pretty with the gradation in colour.

    The Linus blanket looks great.

    I’m terribly late, but I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


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