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TTMT #446 – Quilt Fest Goodies!

Quilt Festival was amazing! I had a blast and brought home a few goodies. The Sewhooked/Fandom in Stitches/TTMT meetup was fantastic and we’ll definitely be doing it again next year!



10 thoughts on “TTMT #446 – Quilt Fest Goodies!

  1. Woo, it sounds like it was fun! Lots of goodies, and how great to meet up with online friends! Maybe with a year’s heads up you’ll have an even bigger turnout. Love those fabrics you’re going to make into pillowcases.

    I can’t imagine someone not having enough orange in their stash, said the orange aficionado. 😀 I just today bought a 1/2 yard collection of Lewis and Irene’s fall theme fabrics that have a bunch of orange in them.


    1. My stash is overrun with blue & green. I guess we know what our favorite colors are!

      It really was great to see so many friendly faces! The meetup was a last minute thing, so I’m hoping that with a little more notice anyone who really wants to be there can make it. 🙂


  2. Oooooh, Quilt Festival sounds like so much fun! The 2018 edition is something I’m definitely saving my pennies for! Glad you had such a great time. 🙂

    I saw on Muse’s Insta that they were at Blizzcon. Thought of you and your dear hubby. What a fun weekend for both of you!


    1. Oh, oh, oh! Please do save your pennies! I might have swooned a little at the thought of your being there! If we have enough TTMTers, we will definitely have to have a stand-alone meetup just for us, too!

      I’m also seriously considering LeakyCon in Dallas next year. Just saying… 😉


  3. The paint chip fabric is so cool. I like the idea of hanging the fabric on the wall.

    Jordan’s fabric on YouTube made a frog from that pattern. So cute.

    I love that so many booths give out free bags. I know it’s great advertising for them but it’s even better for us crafters. I like to put wips in them and then hang them in the closet.


  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun and got some neat stuff! I’d love to go some year, but it’ll be a few before I get down there. (At least 3 more. We will see :D)

    That Kona paintchip fabric is on my wish list, but haven’t been able to justify buying it yet (because really… what am I going to do with it, except put it in stash and maybe never bring it out again). I like the magnetic pin bowl… (I may be getting one for Christmas…) they seem super useful!


    1. Oh, I do hope that if you do make it someday, I will be there, too, because you are on my list of people I MUST meet someday! ♥

      I have several magnetic pin cushions and I love them all. The bowl worked perfectly for my Wonder Clips, too. 🙂


  5. So many fun goodies! I love your new pillowcase fabrics. I need to make some more for around the house. And for the sofa. And make all the things, lol.

    ooh fun frog! I don’t know why but turtles and frogs are just so darn cute and irresistable!

    I really am going to try to make it next year. I’ve already got some cash put away and I’m going to make sure I save some for that specifically.

    I love my magnetic pin bowl, although I got mine at Harbor freight and I use it strictly for my curved safety pins. It sticks right to the supports for the over/table shelves. Very handy! And a big long magnetic bar to hang on the wall for my scissors, although I’ve had it for years and still haven’t hung it up, but maybe this will be the year, lol.


    1. I always think I have bought more than I really have, still, happy with what I’ve got!

      The frog!! Definitely on my “soon” to do list!

      You already know how much I hope you can make it. Fingers and functional toes are crossed!

      You gave me my first magnetic pin bowl. 🙂 The entire booth I got the red one from was basically “hardware store repurposed for quilters.”


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