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TTMT #245 – jewells68 – November 7, 2017 – A Few Things

oops, my title frame has the wrong year. Apparently I traveled in time. Just a few birthday swap goodies and a peek at my “new-to-me” used machine for quilting and a Linus blanket in progress.





7 thoughts on “TTMT #245 – jewells68 – November 7, 2017 – A Few Things

  1. Oh, your corner looks so fantastic! I really like it.

    I’m really glad you found a local sewing machine dealer who you can work with.

    Purple quilt…yum! ♥

    The Wonder Woman quilt looks great. I love the fleece for the backing.

    Can’t wait for the tour!


    1. I loved that tall shoefly in purple and then it just sat in a baggie. I need to slap those blocks on the design wall and see how to finish it.

      I love the drape of quilts with fleece on the back. I have no idea how it would hang with batting as well, but I’d like to try it. That would be good for winter blankets. Frankly a single layer of fleece is sufficient for most of the year here.

      Did not work on WW quilt at all tonight. Ate dinner and then proceeded to snore my way through John Oliver. Ahem. I think if the cat wakes me up again at 2:30 I may just feed her a little and go back to bed so I can get a decent amount of sleep.


  2. Hello future time traveler. Lol. I tend to go back in time.

    What’s your name on Instagram? I looked for you as Jewells68 but I don’t think you were one of the ones that popped up but I’ve been know to be wrong before.

    Your corner looks great. Does this rearrangement give you more space to move around?

    I like fleece on the back of a quilt.


    1. jewells68 was taken so I ended up with nmjewells on instagram.Which is weird because I am jewells68 literally everywhere else.

      There will not really be more room to maneuver when I’m done because I am adding a large piece of furniture, but hopefully it is more user-friendly, and gradually, as I use up more stuff and reduce the amount of fabric bins I have in there, it will be easier to move around. I tend to be a serious pack rat, but I’m working on letting go of stuff and focusing more on giving than keeping. I do love having my cutting table in the middle of the room under the ceiling light, which I can finally do since reducing the size of the whole cutting area by 10 inches in length. It’s now exactly the size of my 2×3 cutting mat. Still want to add organization tools like maybe some pegboard and hooks and more thread storage on the wall.

      I love the drape of a fleece-backed quilt.


  3. How did you like wall basting? I don’t like using spray baste all that much, but I definitely appreciate how much it saves my fingers from opening/closing all those pins and it is SO much faster. Combined with the wall idea.. hm! I mainly just table baste, but it’s still pretty time-consuming (even though it does save your knees from crawling on the floor).

    Anyway, great to see the WW quilt done!


    1. After pinning one quilt I switched to spray basting and have never looked back, although on larger quilts I tend to still pin in crucial areas for extra support. This is definitely for a smaller quilt, but it was so easy and quick. I loved wall-basting. I don’t know why I never thought to try it, especially on baby quilts.


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