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TTMT # 16 Dream BIG


Man Sewing  Rare Bear   video


9 thoughts on “TTMT # 16 Dream BIG

  1. Better to have too many goals and not get them all done than to have no goals and do nothing! I don’t have as many Christmas goals for family gifts this year because baby goals are taking over.

    Your stockings are so cute, especially the blue with the wonky star. You are making headway on the socks and sweater too. Nice!

    I’ve watched the bear video. What a great idea for your charitable giving.

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    1. Baby gifts always come first. I’ve always enjoyed making bears so this works out great. I like the idea of using someone’s old clothes to make a memory bear for them. We have a local girl (about 13) who takes the uniforms from fallen police officers and makes bears for their families.

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  2. I like the idea of doing stockings as little gift bags for my coworkers and your qayg strip piecing example is perfect for that, thanks for the idea! You always amaze me with all the things you get done every week and month.

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    1. Aw shucks. I just like to stay busy. I can’t just sit and watch tv, I always have to have something in my hands.

      Stockings are perfect for coworkers. Add a few little tuck in gifts and you’re all set. Sometimes it’s hard to make a $15 and under gift special but put them in a stocking and now you’ve elevated the gift. Plus non sewists think a handmade stocking is amazing lol.


    1. They’re a great way to use up hristmas scraps. Holiday scraps are harder to incorporate into things sometimes. We are a family of five but each year I hang at least 10 stockings. I like stockings lol


  3. I like that sock yarn – great colours, but agree about that clump of yellow on the one side… too bad it came together like that! I think they’ll still be pretty great anyway.

    That bear charity is pretty neat.. nice that they give you options for sending it in as a smaller more light-weight item.

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    1. Now that I have more sock knit my husband said the yellow is almost like a lightening bolt. Either way I don’t think my son will mind. He just likes how hand knit socks feel. Plus, if he doesn’t like them I’ll take them back, frog them and knit a pair for myself ;).


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