TTMT Video

🎄Rainey’s way too early Christmas Spectacular 🎄TTMT 86

This is my 2nd upload. I saw my video and realized I never hit the stop button. You get to have a wonderful extra 4 mins of me drinking coffee and stepping to the other room to eat my Mac and Cheese. Your welcome!


5 thoughts on “🎄Rainey’s way too early Christmas Spectacular 🎄TTMT 86

  1. You are so funny! I enjoyed watching the first Christmas tree of the season for 4 minutes.

    I’m sorry that your friend disappointed in the attendance for the shower (or lack of attendance). That is sad. But I’ll bet they were excited about your gift.

    The panel was cute. I like the binding, but really liked the backing fabric. I have a couple of panels I got at an estate sale. I should probably use them to practice quilting.


  2. Hey if you love christmas why not. Also, we flipped one of our radio stations at noon on Halloween to all christmas all the time. We don’t have any djs on the station either, so no dj chatter, just xmas music with 1 or 2 commercial breaks per hour. So if you feel like streaming christmas music you can listen via stream at it’ll be playing christmas music through xmas day, then it will flip to its new format, whatever that might be (they haven’t told me yet).
    That is a fun panel to practice on. I really need to practice my fmq, too. Yours is looking really good, though.

    I’m sorry your friends’ shower didn’t work out so well. That’s always disappointing. It’s nice of you to make her something special to cheer her up.


  3. Your excitement about Christmas is wonderful! Everybody should have something that makes them that happy. Lots of people start decorating this early, so you’re in good company. 🙂

    Your poor friends and their baby shower. Mom gave a birthday party for me once and nobody showed up (and I haven’t done one since), so I know how they feel. At least the people who cared and mattered were there, though!

    Love the idea of using a panel to practice machine quilting, what a great idea.


  4. Oh, my goodness, Christmas in November! We always wait until after my youngest kiddo’s birthday in December so his birthday isn’t Christmas-y. I do love how excited you are!

    It’s such a good idea to have a practice piece for FMQ. What a cute panel, too!

    Oh, I haven’t tried that color of white thread. Interesting!

    How horrible that there wasn’t a good turn out for the baby shower. That’s just sad.

    Excellent “special feature” at the end! 😉


  5. Very early Christmas! We usually don’t put things up until quite late (at least mid-December, though last year it might have been a day or two before Christmas), though we also usually keep them up quite late. My sister’s husband is Russian, so we always keep it up until Epiphany at least (and then sometimes after because who gets things down right away?), although he’s not been living with us most of this year, so I’m not sure if it’ll happen that way again. As long as you’re having fun though!

    Fun practice piece for the FMQ.. it’s the best way to learn and so much the better that you’ll have something you’ll love to use afterward!

    Looks like you got some great fabric. Fabric shopping is so much fun, isn’t it?


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