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TTMT#18-A Finish!


7 thoughts on “TTMT#18-A Finish!

  1. You are so sneaky. Getting your husband to accidently drive by a quilt shop lol.

    I like your circle quilt. It has a fun plaid feel to it.

    I do the same thing with our light blocking curtains. It’s less expensive to buy them extra long and cut them in half then it is to buy two shorter curtains.


  2. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, here on TTMT. I love the creamy colors on your Christmas quilt. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well; I hope you are all better soon and back to heavy-duty crafting!


  3. You did have another productive week. I feel like I’ve been treading water the last month. I hope to be making some progress next week, after I get my project room put back together.

    I love the circle quilt and the tumbler quilt.Both are really colorful.

    We have those light blocking curtains in all the bedrooms, including my project room. I got tired of them getting in the way of furniture and stuff in the project room so I whacked them off unevenly with scissors and then never got around to hemming them. I never even took them off of the rod, lol.


  4. That is funny Jewels! Patrick’s curtains had been hung up for a couple of years, so you can see i didn’t rush to do it. One day recently I went in his room and thought “oh, maybe i should shorten those.” Still took me a month to do it. LOL!


  5. The Christmas quilt is just so lovely! I love how sweet it looks.

    The tumble block quilt is great. We get a lot of those donated to Linus and they can be so fantastically different depending on the fabric.

    I adore your jeans story. My favorite cut has been discontinued and I bought some on ebay out of desperation and they took forever to come. I ended hemmed them the night before I went to Houston last week!

    I don’t know if you heard, but one of your swap group was at the meetup in Houston. 🙂


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