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TTMT PPV Christmas Edition


9 thoughts on “TTMT PPV Christmas Edition

  1. I really love how the xmas quilt is coming along. I’m really loving how it looks with just the three fabrics in all the blocks. Maybe a flannel sheet for the back? Would that be more affordable? Fleece would definitely be cuddly though, too.

    Don’t worry about sending my pkg late. It just keeps the birthday dragging out even further for more fun.

    Oh, and Jennifer already sent all the swappers out your new address via email! So we are good. I will try to get yours mailed next week.


    1. That’s great news thanks for letting me know. I just love this quilt it’s a great design and I am definitely loving it as a Christmas quilt, hopefully next week I will have the top finished. Flannel might be the way to go , thanks xx


  2. Your Christmas quilt is lovely. I like that you are using a simple color palette. From this week’s batch I really like the house.


  3. Ditto what everyone else said, your Christmas PPV is looking great. I like using the same pattern fabric and limiting it to the three colors, it really ties it all together. Jewells’ idea about a flannel sheet is great, I agree.


  4. Your Christmas PPV continues to be absolutely lovely.

    I can’t sew and watch anything at all. I tend to do podcasts & audiobooks for that reason!

    The Christmas bauble is so lovely. It reminds me of some ornaments my grandmother had. ♥

    I saw that the others let you know I shared your address. I thought I had let you know, but my last few weeks have been quite hectic and I may have just *thought* I’d done it!


  5. Hi Vicky! Loving the PPV Xmas quilt! Love the idea of using the 3 colors. I’m going to QAG the PPV that I did at the beginning of the year. In a pile of Things To Do. Love also your GOT banners. I want to paper piece some of the characters like Jon & Tyrion. That will have to wait til the new year.


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