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TTMT #244 – jewells68 – October 31, 2017 – Ladybug Ladybug

Happy Halloween! No new crafties from me. Just showing off my birthday swap goodies received over the past week and my costume of the day. Stay Crafty my friends!


11 thoughts on “TTMT #244 – jewells68 – October 31, 2017 – Ladybug Ladybug

    1. Haha, well, I had started to gather bits and pieces but didn’t know which, if any, I would end up having enough of a costume to even wear, lol. I wouldn’t have done the ladybug if someone hadn’t gifted me some antennae. As it was I was rather warm but comfortable. All in all a successful Halloween costuming season, and I have the pieces to use for other ideas later, which is always fun.

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  1. Your wings are adorable! I can’t stop watching your antennae wobble and bobble to and fro lol. It’s great that you recycled past costume pieces for the duck. The ladybug wings are cute but the duck outfit is amazing! I’m not surprised that the kiddos loved it.


    1. Thanks! I did get get random kids saying “Look mom, a chicken!” and I wanted to go up and ask their mothers why they didn’t know the difference between a duck and a chicken, lol. But it was a fun and, most importantly, functional and comfortable costume to be walking around the zoo all day.

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  2. Hey Jewels! Loved your costumes! I still have costume bits & pieces from when the kids would dress up. Came in handy when my MIL had a last minute costume party she was asked to.


    1. I have several bins of costumes/accessories, either from my Mom’s 40+ years in Sweet Adelines, or costumes she made for us, or costumes I made for myself and my daughter. It’s nice to be able to grab this or that to finish a costume.


  3. Cute costume πŸ˜€

    Purple may have been a lazy choice, but I love that print and the colours! Looks like you got some fun ones, anyway. That one with the bears from Rainey is SO gorgeous… I’ve been using prints from that line and that particular one is probably my favourite. Love it.


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