TTMT Video

TTMT # 15 WiP Parade


My blog post with pattern links and some babbling –


4 thoughts on “TTMT # 15 WiP Parade

  1. Look at all the kips! (Knitting in progress) The mitered squares are so impressive. To you it may not look like many, but to me it looks like a gazillion! I love seeing all the yarn projects. I miss being able to knit and crochet, but really enjoy seeing what others are doing.

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    1. I feel a little cast-on-itis creeping in so I need to be careful I don’t create even more KiPs. I enjoy knitting so I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing more projects each month.

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  2. You made a lot of progress on that mitred square blanket. Watching your videos always makes me want to get my yarn and needles out. Now that it’s cooling off here maybe I can make a quick project like an ear warmer or something. I can’t stand wearing stuff around my neck, so cowls and scarves generally don’t get worn, but my ears get cold if I’m out for a walk this time of year. I started a sweater last winter or maybe the year before and because I subbed a chunkier yarn I ended up having to frog the whole thing. Haven’t started a new one since. I generally get too warm for them. Maybe a vest this year.

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  3. You weren’t kidding about this being a parade! That is some list of WiPs!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the scrubby yarn. Cotton yarn dishcloths are my favorite.

    Love the mitered squares. That is so cute!


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