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TTMT 10/31/17: Happy Howl-oween


4 thoughts on “TTMT 10/31/17: Happy Howl-oween

  1. Happy Halloween!!

    I’m like you, if I start eating certain candies I will finish the package. My weakness is jelly beans and gummy candies. Not very healthy for the teeth or the hips lol.


  2. I didn’t eat much candy, even though we had way fewer trick or treaters last night. I didn’t even eat dinner. Thankfully, (or unfortunately?) I was still too full from the lunch potluck at work, lol. But I will be glad when Ken has eaten it all. I don’t know where he put the leftovers and I don’t WANT to know for the very same reason. I will eat it until I am puking snickers. Basically from now until the end of the year is going to be a serious struggle for me to not all the sweet things that show up at work.

    You are really making serious progress on Rainbow Cascade! You’re makling me want to make a bigger one than I had planned. It is looking great!


    1. I’ve been wanting to make this one bigger too, but I don’t have enough of the secondary fabric and don’t remember where I got it. So I guess I’ll stick with the size I have.


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