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TTMT#17-Happy tumbling

6 thoughts on “TTMT#17-Happy tumbling

  1. Good for you on finishing up your UFOs. I’m doing the same thing. Only problem is that for every UFO I get finished, I start something else so it is a never-ending process. I need to count my UFOs again. The first of 2016 I counted 27; I need to see if I have made any headway on that.

    I hope you get your music quilt back this week. I sent Missouri Star a quilt on Sept. 5th thinking it would be back in time for Chris’s birthday which was the 23rd. They have always gotten my quilts back to me in less than 6 weeks. But the closer to Christmas, the more quilts they receive and, therefore, the longer the wait time. They will not guarantee any quilt sent in after Oct. 1 will be complete in time for Christmas.


  2. I have the same issue. I finish one, I start one. RE: Missouri quilt star…I think the Houston hurricane afftected this. They started collecting 100s of quilt for the flood victims. I mailed the quilt on Sept. 1st, but it didn’t get processed until Sept 18th.

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  3. I’m so sorry you don’t have your quilt back yet.. I hope they send it Priority Mail!

    The tumbling blocks quilt is beautiful. I almost did that pattern before I decided on the turtles. One of these days I will make one, I love how those tumbling blocks look.


  4. That PoD exchange seems like a kind of fun way to get all the blocks, but it must get pretty tiring making a dozen of any of those blocks! They all seem pretty intense. (And then I’d worry about someone crappy out and then you’d still have to make more anyway.)

    I like the tumbler quilt! Nice and scrappy.


  5. I love tumbler quilts. I have the large tumbler Go! die but I think I might grab the smaller one. I think they are a fun way to use up some scraps that are always laying around.


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