TTMT Video

The one where i look really tired and distracted.

Sorry guys i am very distracted and look really tired , I promise it is not that bad.xx


9 thoughts on “The one where i look really tired and distracted.

  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – at least at your house. Your PPV Christmas blocks are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your completed quilt.

    I can’t believe you are so far along on making Christmas gifts. The teachers’ bags are great.


    1. I had a bit of a splurge on Christmas this week, I am not making to much more as I always run out of time so I think I have a bag to make and then some anti bac gel holders and the gifts are done. the rest of the Christmas stuff is just for me, some selfish sewing. The ornaments are quite quick to make and I have been doing them while watching Game of Thrones so they are nice and easy xx

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  2. Wow, I love those bucket bags, I’m going to have to find a pattern.
    So…aside from two bags, PPV blocks, multiple tissue holders and several Christmas ornaments you haven’t done much crafting this week. 🙂 I’d be telling everyone, “look how much I’ve done!”. 🙂 Everything looks wonderful.


  3. WOw you got a lot done! And your PPV xmas quilt is looking amazing! Your fabrics look amazing together, and I’m not just saying that because I nudged you a bit that direction, lol. It really does look great! I still have at least 1 PPV on my list. I may move it into next year, however.

    So many love goodies for gifts. I love those tissue holders. I’ve been meaning to suggest that for our annual linus brunch for the table gifts. Hearing the stories of our blankets reaching the klids in need always makes everyone cry, so tissues would be the perfect table gift.


    1. I cant believe how quickly I am running out of year to do all the projects on my list. Tissues would be good as I imagine that the stories can be very emotional. x


  4. The Xmas PPV blocks are looking really great! That’s going to look so good all put together.

    Oh, love the folded fabric ornaments.. they’re lovely! Have you got a link to the pattern for the round one? I know i’ve seen them around, but no harm in being lazy and asking if you’ve got a link ;D

    ALSO: the FQ/chocolate came! Thank you so much! (Also, you sent so much chocolate!) Hopefully I’ll get another video made before I eat all the chocolate 😀


  5. Oh! Also, do you have any fabric preferences for your FQ? I haven’t made any kind of decision yet and can’t decide what sort of thing you like best or what colours etc. (Also, have you updated your address for us? I don’t want to send to the wrong place!)


  6. the tutorial I used was this one, I think thats the round one you mean , the baubles were a shabby fabrics tutorial on you tube.

    I need to get my address to you all , i emailed jen last week but might have to send her a messenger message. Fabric preferences are anything really. I love purple and greens so anything in that colour wave will be great. Glad you enjoyed the chocolate.


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