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Let’s talk about boys, books, and bears…


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about boys, books, and bears…

  1. I am HIGHLY impressed with your family history book. When you have been talking about it, I knew you were spending a lot of time on but I had no idea it would be so massive and so professionally done! Congratulations on that wonderful accomplishment!

    I have not been a sports ball fan for years; but if I were, I’d be pulling for the Cubs so I approve of the pillow.


  2. Your book looks amazing , its so professional looking. You must be really proud of it.

    the pillow looks good and its a testament to you that you valued the person so much you put yourself though it 🙂



  3. Yay more hunks!
    Your family book looks so professional. Are you giving them to family as holiday gifts this year? It’s amazing. You have worked so long and hard on this to have it finally coming close to being done. Doesn’t it feel wonderful?
    Ugh. This is a Red Sox house. And a Patriots house. My machine is still grumbling about the Raiders blanket I made when I lost a bet, and that was like 8 years ago!


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