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6 thoughts on “TTMT 85

  1. SQUEEEEE!!!! Tim just came in, saw my face and said, “What?” I told him the baby quilt was about finished and he laughed. He said I’m getting a bit out of control. LOL! He’s right, and I don’t care!

    The matching babies/daddy quilts are wonderful! I love the flannel backing you chose for all three. You are not the only one to confuse flannel and fleece. Until recently I haven’t used either one often and they are easy to mix up.


  2. You are so adorable! Flannel, fleece, hehe! I do the same thing all the time. My husband says he speaks my language, lol!

    I love how the quilt came out and the back was a fun surprise. The quilting is really perfect for the quilt. So fun!

    The backing fabric for the kids’ quilts. Ah, so cute!!


  3. You made me laugh so much , that is totally the type of thing I would do and then not understand why Lee would be looking all confused.

    I do love that quilt and the game of Thrones Fleece / Flannel is great , I wish we could get some here then I could make myself a pillow to hard behind when it gets tough to watch. I have just finished season 4 and its defiantly getting darker if that is at all possible.

    Your kids quilts will be so cute to.xx


  4. Exciting news about the baby PoD!

    The buffalo check quilt looks fantastic. Flannel makes a great backing for sure. (And so would be fleece!) The backings for the baby quilts are both fantastic.. love those! I love that Tula Pink print too… the colour in that one is amazing. I have a bunch of it too to use for binding – great minds!


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