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TTMT #444 – Short One!

This one is short & sweet!

Talk to Me Tuesday video makers! Think about a swap for next year. I’m thinking fabric postcards. Any other thoughts or suggestions?




10 thoughts on “TTMT #444 – Short One!

  1. YAY for breaking records! Congratulations!

    Now after all that work last week, you might want to take a minute or two to relax and catch your breath before diving back in. But knowing you, I’ll bet you are already back at it!

    I like the idea of exchanging hand-made postcards. I love the ones I have and would very much like to add to the collection.


    1. I am so proud of our volunteers! It didn’t hurt that we had a beautiful barely used Juki serger and a brand new Brother sewing machine. 🙂

      I’ve been doing some crisis management for a friend so relaxing has been thin on the ground, but I do think I’ll at least be able to squeeze in some sewing this week.

      That’s two votes for postcards!


  2. What an amazing turnout of Birthday Challenge blankets! Gorgeous!

    ATCs were fun, but since so many of us are fabric crafters, the postcards might be a fun size a little easier to manage. Another thought is a mug rug swap. Still small and doesn’t weigh much. We haven’t ever done a block swap either. I think all our current regular posters on TTMT are quilters, aren’t they? So maybe a block swap is in order. A round robin or bee or everyone do the same pattern but in different colors. Just a few thoughts, all are things that don’t weigh much.

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    1. I should have also mentioned we had a record number of challenge blankets. Some of the quilters made three!

      I wouldn’t say no to a block swap. We do seem to have gravitated toward mostly quilters. It’s definitely a thought!


  3. Wow , those challenge quilts looked great , those are some talented people . After all your hard work on the auction I am so please it broke records, I was so jealous when I saw your baskets , as they looked great.

    Hope your week hasn’t been to bad or at least starts to get better soon.

    I vote for the postcards or ATC`s, a quilt block swap would be good to but am happy to go with the majority.

    I need to change my address as I think people will have my old one for the birthday swap. I will email you my new address.

    Keep well xx


  4. Congrats on the great Project Linus news! Those baskets were amazing. I’d love to join in on a swap, I think a mug rug or a quilt block swap could be fun, but I’m really up for just being able to be involved this year.


    1. It’s been a hair on fire couple of weeks. We’ve temporarily added another human occupant to our house. It was an emergency situation and has made things very interesting, but we’re managing one day at a time!


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