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TTMT #243 – jewells68 – October 24, 2017 – Rushed!

Bullet points of what’s going on. Speedy Project Linus quilt top. More birthday goodies. Life is good!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #243 – jewells68 – October 24, 2017 – Rushed!

  1. I love quick strip quilts. I’m sure I’ve said that many times before but they are a favorite. Every time I gift one to a new mom they always let the baby use it. Any other quilt and the moms think it’s too “fancy” to use because the baby might ruin it. Doesn’t hurt that they are quick and can be QAYG too.


    1. I honestly couldn’t think of a pattern I like with the print. I wanted to keep as much of the WW print intact as I could. So I left them in the strips widths they were already cut in. I have two pieces left that were too short. They are going to be worked into the back. Use it up!


  2. New angle (at least a little!).

    It pleases me so much that your brother is your music enabler. I look forward to fangirling you again in the future. ♥

    Yay for quick and easy Linus top. I love that you started with the WW fabric and just went from there!

    Hehe, I couldn’t resist the embroidered block! I made a test version and some of the bobbin pulled to the front and then I decided you needed one in purples!


    1. I love that he never gives up on my musicality. And he won’t let me give on it either. He’s a good brother.
      I couldn’t think of a block that wouldn’t lose too much of the awesome comic book style print. So I just let those fabric strips dictate the quilt.

      I totally LOLed when I saw the embroidered block. I think I need to get that quote on a shirt. It’s a favorite.


  3. Love that embroidered block! Seems to be the (un)official quilters’ mantra.

    Nice Linus quilt. Quick and easy seems to be the theme for some of us this week.

    And I do like seeing all the things hanging behind you. What a colorful backdrop you have there.


    1. I love that block too. And now I’ve decided I need it on a shirt.

      I didn’t want to cut tha tWW fabric up any further and lose some of the print, so I let those prints just tell me what kind of quilt they wanted to be. Sometimes the fabric knows best.

      I love having stuff up there, it means I’m doing things!


  4. I love the quilt block and your wonder woman quilt , its great to get something done that quickly .

    I meant to say last week but completely spaced Happy Birthday, I will be posting your package this week , sorry its taken so long the month seems to have gotten away from me completely xx.


    1. The quilt block is so fun and I have decided now I also need that quote on a shirt.
      The WW fabric didn’t want to be cut and lose any of the pictures, so it just told me what kind of quilt it wanted to be. I like when that happens.
      No worries! I was late with a bunch of my blocks and I really should send yours already because it will take a while to get there, but I likely won’t mail until probably the end of next week, if I can manage that.


      1. No rush honestly, the time is just slipping away and I have moved so my new address is needed. I emailed it to Jen today as I wasn’t sure how to get it to everyone. But there is no rush it will come when it comes. A shirt would be great xx


  5. Love the WW quilt. Sometimes simple is just better, and I think this fabric is perfect for a strip quilt. I hope you have a great week!


  6. The WW Linus quilt looks really great.. simple and perfect.

    Fun fabrics frm Susan! I’m catching up on a couple weeks of videos right now and I’m not sure if the one I sent you has arrived yet – I hope so!


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