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TTMT # 14 – I’m throwing in the towel(s) – October 24, 2017


8 thoughts on “TTMT # 14 – I’m throwing in the towel(s) – October 24, 2017

  1. Cute towels – especially the fall ones and the one for your son; those scraps have taken on a life of their own. I’ll bet he does notice that the towel matches his quilt.

    You and your son did a really good job on the upholstery.

    I always enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to.

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  2. Love those towels they are very cute.

    I cant believe that you spent all that time recovering the chairs , they look great and prove that you are a good Mama.

    I was watching a flosstube video from Kay’s cross stitch today and she mentioned you and your table topper , my 2 you tube worlds collided. xx

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    1. Thank you! My Son’s bosses were thrilled that the seats were done and surprised that Momma helped. lol

      I love Kay’s cross stitch! Isn’t it fun when worlds collide?


  3. Fun towels! I did some kind of like that as a gift when I first started sewing. It looks so cute and like a store bought gift, but is so easy to do and people really like it.

    Go you fixing up all those chairs. I have not yet attempted recovering because I found the amount of effort involved very daunting. So I have several things I REALLY need to recover and but love too much to get rid of.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve learned that with my non-crafty friends and family I need to keep gifts simple. If they look too complicated they freak out that they are going to ruin the gift and then they won’t use it. Too many gifts are hidden up on the top shelf of linen closets. lol.

      You should totally try recovering your stuff. Using quilting cotton takes a bit more patience but vinyl or other sturdy materials are really quite easy. Just start with the one item that doesn’t mean as much to you as the others. That way if it turns out a bit wonky you won’t mind as much. lol.


  4. The towels look great! Too bad about the turkey’s heads, but you’re right… Thanksgiving turkeys don’t need em!

    The recovered chairs look really nice. I’ve never done anything more complicated than a new cover on my pressing table 😀


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