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7 thoughts on “TTMT#16-Productive

  1. I hate having unfinished things lie around forever. That’s why my PoD was really stressing me out. I am constantly annoyed that I have birthday block swap blocks waiting to be put together from previous years. I seriously need a month off just to get all my unfinished stuff FINISHED. At least a month.

    The holiday quilt is nice, not overpowering like some xmas fabrics are. I like it. It will do well in the auction I think..


  2. I love to start new projects every week. Makes life more fun that way! Love the quilt in back of you! Ok so I watched your past TTMT videos and now I started watching Outlander. My husband got into and we have the 1st season. I love the fabrics you got. Can’t wait to see your quilt.


  3. Quilty ADD is both annoying and delightful. (Annoying for me because it means I never finish anything, though you don’t seem to have such an issue with that as I do!) Delightful because starting new things is always fun. It’s a great looking start for a quilt! still has one of the flannels (and some of the other prints), which is not the one you got. You know… if you want to top up your selection of those fabrics 😀


  4. Love the more neutral Christmas fabric, and Outlander is one of my fandoms as well. I didn’t know there was Outlander fabric. TTMT is such an enabler!!! I love it!


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