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TTMT #242 – jewells68 – October 17, 2017 – So Many Doodads!

In which I show off all the awesome birthday goodies I received over the past few days. My friends are awesome.



14 thoughts on “TTMT #242 – jewells68 – October 17, 2017 – So Many Doodads!

  1. Cute Linus quilt! I knew you’d come up with something. Booooo to whoever smashed your car window. Not cool and a crummy way to start the day.

    You have made quite a birthday haul – and there is more to come.


  2. I was so excited about getting that done from start to finish in 3 days and then some jerkface decides to ruin my week. Safelite is finally fixing it today though so I’ll be able to drive again by this evening.


  3. Urgh, the window…someone did that to me a few years ago, and the first thing the police officer said was, “Who did you make mad?”. WHAT?! Like it was my fault. Hope you’ve gotten it fixed.

    Wow, I thought that box from Jennifer was bottomless like one of those from a magic show, lol! Lots of fun birthday stuff. You have another package coming pretty soon. 🙂

    The earrings and pendant from your sister are lovely.


    1. No one had the right window so it had to be ordered. They replaced it this afternoon, which is awesome because tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. We didn’t even call the police. It’s not like there’s anything they could do. We just called the insurance company and asked them who they would prefer us have the repair.

      This is a great birthday because stuff just keeps trickling in daily, it never ends! 🙂


  4. Yay for birthday goodness!

    The charm is for your embroidery scissors. 🙂

    I don’t know if I mentioned it but the rubber “eraser” on the seam ripper will help get rid of broken threads.

    Two of the purple fabrics came from my Labyrinth quilt. ♥

    I specifically asked Eric for the pen. He was delighted to provide.

    I packaged the embroidered cards individually in case you wanted to gift them. again.



    While I’m super bummed about your car window, I am glad you got to show your quilt today because it’s fantastic.

    Yay for orange blocks!

    Oh, pretty earrings and pendant. Love them!


    1. You didn’t mention the eraser but I think I saw an ad for it somewhere lately, maybe facebook, so It was thinking that was what it was for! I don’t have scissors just for embroidery, but I think it’s time I did, so that I have a place for my cute charm!

      I was thinking that larger piece of lighter purple was in your labyrinth quilt! All the fabrics were so great. All those fat quarters replenished my fat quarter box that has gotten diminished a bit during this year’s birthday swap. Now it’s full again, lol!

      Window is fixed so yay for that!


  5. Great gifts from Jen! Sorry to hear about your car though, what a piss off! That Linus blanket looks pretty great, though. Fun colours and a great remake of the fleece blanket.

    I really like the jewelry from your sister… how pretty!

    Birthday wishes to you! Your FQ from me will be on it’s way tomorrow! (Needed to wait for payday! My own crappy car issue – hit and run – left me short on money this month. Sigh.)


    1. It was an awesome fun box of goodies. Definitely arrived on just the perfect day that needed a cheering up. Window got fixed today, just in time for the rain that is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Our deductible ended up being over half the cost of the whole thing, so much for insurance.

      My sister does good work. I have a good amount of stuff she has made and it’s all really good.


  6. Some days it doesn’t pay to chew through the restraints. *sigh* I’m so sorry that happened to your car! What a rotten creep to do that! Hopefully it was a one-time incident! We had a rash of kids getting into cars in my area last spring. Apparently, one night I left my car unlocked, but I think my mom must have gotten up to let the dog out right after because all the took was my little changeholder, which made me sad (only had about 35¢ in it), but they left my door ajar. (they left all the phone chargers, flashlights, trunk stuff.)

    *shakes fist at people*

    What a box of lovelies!!! You’se got some neat stuffs there! And the jewelry is awesomesauce too!!!
    I love your finished quilt! You always do such lovely work!



  7. I was pretty disheartened by the vandalism. Someone got into Phebe’s car this summer and took all her change from the cupholder. There was probably a few bucks worth. At least they didn’t break any windows in that car. Got new window put in yesterday (they had to order it). Now we are backing all the cars into the driveway as far back as possible. Both Ken and I have cracked windshields. We figure if they want to break something let them break one that’s already cracked, lol.

    Thank you again for my package. I had a good birthday that just kept on going all week. Got a package from my brother today with a case for my ukelele and some other uke goodies. He’s my musical instrument enabler like you guys and Jen are my crafty enablers, lol.


  8. Happy Birthday Week!!

    The bottomless box of sewing goodies! I love hand turned pens. They feel substantial in your hand. We have one but it never leaves the house because pens disappear out in the world.

    Rotten vandals. Grrr! Karma will have to fix them. Not that it is a good thing your window was smashed but since you couldn’t take the Linus quilt you were able to see that loose thread when you showed it to us. Gotta find the good somewhere, right? I love the fun and bright fleece backing. Some child is going to be thrilled to receive that quilt.

    Your sister makes lovely jewelry. She came up with a fun name with a good background story.

    Here’s to a better week ahead!


    1. It was overall a good birthday week. Especially once my window was fixed Wednesday and I could drive again. Also an awesome Friday which I may talk about this next week, or not. Either way today was a good day!


  9. Happy belated birthday! At least the broken window happened at a time when you have all of these great birthday gifts coming in to balance it out! Love the Linus quilt- what a great idea to get something done nicely and quickly. I hope you have a great week!


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