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TTMT: 17 October 2017

In which I show a finished apron (pattern available at Purl Soho), a finished quilt-as-you-go Herringbone quilt (pattern available at Maureen Cracknell Handmade), a couple zipper pouches, a bunch of quilt blocks (including a scrappy x and + block, scrappy log cabins, and a couple Grandmother’s Cross blocks), and a finished quilt top (made of Sunlight and Shadows blocks.

10 thoughts on “TTMT: 17 October 2017

  1. I have been admiring your blocks on instagram. Would she be ok with you embroidering your name on the block? You do such lovely embroidery.

    The herringbone quilt turned out so beautiful. Is it really bulky? It seems like it might be heavy, but that would be good up north. Just stunning fabrics.

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    1. I found a really fine-tipped archival pen and used that.. it looks kind of delicate, which made it a little easier to take than if I’d had to use a sharpie or something 😀 I kind of hate writing on fabric, anyway!

      It’s not bulky at all… it’s just about the same as any quilt it’s size would be. There’s not a lot of extra batting involved or anything. It looks a bit pouffier than my quilts usually do, but that’s because the visible quilting is so minimal (just down the seams and then randomly every 10-12 inches I did something the strips) and things aren’t held down/together quite so tightly.

      It’s a really pretty line of fabrics… it was reprinted, but they left a bunch of colours out of the reprint and I wish I could get all the original fabrics so I could make something for myself!


  2. You have gotten a ton of stuff done. Very cute apron. And the sunshine and Shadows quilt is just lovely. But I still love that herringbone quilt the best. And I love the quilting you’ve done on it.

    See you soon.

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    1. Deadlines are a great motivating tool 😀 (My finishes will slow to a trickle now!)

      Isn’t that herringbone lovely? The fabrics are so gorgeous and it was pretty easy to put together.. I think I’ll have to make another one some day.


  3. Ah, the apron is very sweet, I like it!

    I do love your herringbone quilt. It’s so lovely.

    LOVE the idea of signature blocks for a quilty wish. I have such a soft spot for sig blocks!

    I really love the idea of your bee. I haven’t done any kind of block swap in ages because All The Things. Something to think of for future.

    Oh, pretty quilt top. Happy basting!

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    1. The apron turned out pretty well and the recipient seems pretty happy!

      I have such a hard time writing on fabric for signature blocks! I feel like I should have embroidered my name on this one, but didn’t so that it wouldn’t take an extra month for me to get it in the mail, haha.

      I’ve really been enjoying doing the block swap again. I haven’t done one in a couple years because it always adds one more unfinished project to my life, but I really enjoy doing this kind of one-off sewing. It’s fun to dip my toes into a project and then get right back out of it instead of having some big overwhelming thing to put together.


  4. Your Bee blocks are so sharp and precise looking. Do you starch your blocks?

    You’ve had a productive week. I like your little pouches. It’s a nice change that you’ve made the bottoms rounded. I don’t see too many made that way anymore.

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    1. I use Mary Ellen’s Best Press, which is a starch alternative. It definitely makes things look like crisp! (And I like sewing on fabric with a bit of sizing/starch in it. It’s a lot easier to work with.)

      That little pouch is my favourite… it’s great for storing electronics cords when travelling or for a little carry-around that holds a wallet, (smallish) cell phone, change, keys, etc. Not too big, not too small.


  5. Wow! It looks like you’ve been very busy! Those little pouches are just the cutest- I love little pouches like that. I also really love the apron- you did a nice job of keeping everything nice and straight.

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    1. I was super productive for a while 😀 It’ll all taper right off now, most likely.. I’m slow to finish things generally.

      The nice thing about that apron fabric is that it’s woven, not printed, so it was a lot easier to maintain the straight of grain while also keeping the stripes nice and straight… so many printed fabrics are annoyingly askew 😀 If I ever make it again, though, I’ll definitely push hard for anything but stripes.. haha.

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